Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

Welcome to Season 6 – Flora


Well Howdy Doody Folks!!


Here’s to wishing y’all a totally fantastically awesome Saturday

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I fell in love with flora of all types, especially ferns. Loved the sparse structure and repetition of shape – almost fractal.

Jack Dorsey


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No Dedications for Saturday

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Remember These?

Nooooooooooooo This is 40 years ago!!! Dayum!!

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So who’s going to request Sunday??

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15 thoughts on “Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

  1. Good morning Rory 😀, hope you have a wonderful Saturday my friend.

    My pirates day story is posted, hope you injoy it. ( Sorry my phone’s being unqwaprative and won’t copy the ULR )


  2. Love The Knack!

    How about some floral songs for Sunday then?

    Desert Rose by Sting
    Daisy Jane by America
    Magnolia by Tom Petty
    Edelweiss from the Sound of Music
    Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations
    Approaching Lavender by Gordon Lightfoot
    Dandelion by the Stones
    You Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Neil Diamond

  3. It is quite a shocker to realize something that seems recent in the mind was so long ago. It’s always a jolt to me when I say things like “40 years ago”. DAYUM!! is right.

    Ah, it’s just gone 11:11am for me🍀. I hope your SaturDAY was a good one and your evening is peaceful and productive.

    Love the Elvis Costello…all the songs really.

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