Waterfalls of the Mind


Waterfalls of the Mind!

I have thoughts of a magically descending waterfall,
Twinkling starlets of natural angelic beauty,
Glistening, caressing droplets in fall roar,
Cleansing sprays of breath-taking tranquillity,

Twirling within our minds’ mentality,
The waterfalls of my dreams, calming the soul,
Allowing creation of absolute serenity,
Slipping into absent emotional black holes,

Drowning within our very own silent graves,
Wonderfully inviting for the plunge,
Clarification crystal clear to the brave,
Moistening desires waiting to be expunged,

Fountains of fantasy, offering love to the seeing,
Patience being the greatest of all our virtues,
Trickling through our canals of inner being,
Dawns’ creation from the beginning only true,

Twirling within our minds’ calling,
Patterns of a waterfalls’ musical inclination,
Watering dilutions allowing the sprawling,
Cooling our heated insights into inflammations,
Watering displays our age, within our time,
Allowing us to understand the waterfalls of our mind!

© Rory Matier 2015

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