‘Pirate’ Day Challenge Quiz

Pirates Day Challenge – Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd 2019

Three Features

Pirates Day Challenge Quiz

Pirates Day Treasures

Pirates Day Fiction Story

There’ll be Prizes fer the Best Tales!

Pirates Day Challenge Quiz









Each number leads you to a question – your answers are your clues … remember to write down the clues  ….. these links will only be active for 24 hours from the time this post is published for viewing. This is a single viewing post only – this means it will not be reblogged. Your ‘clues’ are vital for your progression in this challenge this weekend. What you see – jot down, what you answer – keep close!

Scroll to the very bottom of the page these links send you too, the Pirate Day Challenge Question is at the very bottom of the post.

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9 thoughts on “‘Pirate’ Day Challenge Quiz

  1. oh my…I adore pirates. Every ren faire I am a pirate for a few months, telling tales and swinging my cutlass around the wee ones and their mothers…..have quite a knowledge of those who came before me (I was tested actually before allowed to BE a pirate!) this was fun!

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