Do You Feel It, Feeling Me, Feeling You!

Empath Connectivity

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Do You Feel It, Feeling Me, Feeling You!

I feel the empaths of my readership will feel this question first, read it , absorb it, toss it around a bit, pondercate on it then answer it after some valued consideration. Non empaths will answer it directly and those who simply don’t quite understand the connection element will leave it be – so it will be interesting to see who answers with what and how – already –  provided they see the question in the first place l can almost feel the vibes on how some people will respond.

What is your take on virtual friendship?

Could be the question, but it’s not – the actual question is stronger than that and it might be …

“What is your take on virtual connection?

The two questions are closely intertwined with each other – but each reader to the questions will have a different answer whilst some of the answers will come from a much deeper connection …..

Ultimately the main question might be …

“How do you feel about enjoying an online friendship with someone and how important is the connection aspect to that friendship?”

Then again, the question might just be …

“How crucially important to you is ‘connectivity’  with an online friendship?”

Each person reading these questions with have a different take on what is being asked of them and each will have a very different reaction to the word connection in friendship and especially with online virtual friendship which is very different to real life friendship …or is it?

Is there the same connection to be had – is the connectivity as deep?

Is there truly a difference or is it ultimately down to the expectations of the term itself?

As in, what does each person expect from the connection they share with another person, online or offline?

Those who do not believe in virtual friendships holding any value over the likes of real life friendships are becoming pretty slim on the ground these days especially with the presence of social media and the very real distances between people becoming shorter because of the Internet.

But does an online virtual friendship share the same level of connectivity with another? Is it even possible or does the connection need to have an actual physical aspect to it to make it more significant or distinctive? Whilst this is posed as several questions, it is just one question ….

Do You Feel It, Feeling Me, Feeling You!

How important is connection between people involved in an online friendship?

Let me know your views below in the comment section.

Thanks Rory

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27 thoughts on “Do You Feel It, Feeling Me, Feeling You!

  1. For me online connections/friendships feel quite different from in-person friendships. With online friendships it feels like more of an in-the-moment connection, without the same element of permanence that I would attach to in-person friendships. My online self is more filtered. I share a lot, but not everything, and often not until after the fact. I’m able to function at a higher level online than in person, and online connections are a lot easier than in-person, so that’s been really important for me.

    1. Hey Ashley, yes you have made mention to this before – more stability to a certain degree with online friendships even though not as strong a connection as it might be in real time.

  2. Friendship is with a person you are mentally compatible with and who understands u.sometimes we spend our lives with people who dont understand us at all and sometimes true relations come alive even from.a I dont really think people have to meet to develop a friendship bond.communication is imp and that’s what really matters

  3. I agree, communication is the key. I’ve always been outspoken so people close to me know what I’m thinking and I encourage them to be the same. Of course now that I’m home alone most of the time I write here on the blog and hope the people I interact with consider me a friend, some more than others. There are always a few virtual connections that are easier than others. I may not agree but like to read their opinions.
    Friends I’ve had are no longer close in reality so virtual has to do. I have met a few online people I need to keep in touch with on a daily basis, and that is the lovely thing about devices, you dont need to feel isolated unless you want to.

    1. … that is the lovely thing about devices, you dont need to feel isolated unless you want to. This line is such an accurate line Cheryl and very important – something many ‘lonely’ people say is that they are isolated and l think this is wrong especially if they have devices, because no one is isolated anymore unless they choose to be.

  4. I have spent a bit of time pondering my Empath reach and if it extends to cyberspace. I do feel a deeper/stronger connection to some of my online friends. I believe in the collective unconscious and my ability to sense it. Why wouldn’t I be able to sense things online? Words have power. I think everyone agrees with that. So even just reading someone’s words will let me feel some of what they put into those words.

    In person interactions are going to be stronger as far as the feels. Mostly I only have in person interactions with my daughters and Ben so I think I’ve opened myself up more. I dont have to guard against public bombardment since I’m not in public much. I’m more sensitive overall, more sensitive online.

    My online friendships are very important to me. I dont have the same level of connection with everyone but I do have *some* connection. There are a few that I feel extremely connected to. These few are more important to me than my extended family (mother, brother, bio-father, etc) because I feel more connected to them.

    Did I answer the question or just ramble?🤔🙄

    1. i believe you answered how l elieved you would answer if that makes for sense?

      My own empath levels usually open up personally for me more when l am seriously stressed – a lot of people have skill sets and gifts close down for them when they are stressed, mine go the other way – not sure if that is an autistic thing – some suggest the gift is more autistic at times … l used to be a profiler and my spec iality was words so l can sense certain writers words and the connection opens that way – truth be known l ONLY can connect with people through their written words and so online, l feel a stronger bond with some people than l do others – sometimes l can feel the perils of some writers or even their bitterness and anger towards me for something long before they voice it or respond in a certain way .

      Now if you can understand that Angie, then you’ll know that l understood your response perfectly well also 🙂

  5. Blogging it helped me find awesome friendships online and no, I don’t think there must be an actual physical aspect to a friendship…I had the honor to “meet” people alike and this is priceless…For me friendship means to be able to enjoy the ups and downs in good company, with people that you can trust and doesn’t mean that I really need to have them around physically 😊

  6. As a child my empathic abilities were much stronger than they are now gust like my sense of self of knowing what I was but gust the same as knowing what I was I learned not to want my empathic abilities ether as I was called a weirdo, freak and a out and out lyir for it so it became a garded secret that I tried to beary deep down and never talk about.

    This days I really don’t give a shit what people think any more so I do talk about it.

    For me words hold more than just there definition they have a emotional connection to them even online. From time to time I can feel the emotions behind someone’s words even if it’s not written out like when someone is eritated or stressed out about something and that connection is made stronger the better I know someone even online.

    Over the past 6/7 years I’ve had some close friends online that know me for the real me and don’t care what I am as apposed to the real world where people gust us me and don’t give a shit about me and want me to be what they think I’m suppose to be according to them I call this people aqwantances not friends.

    I hope I’ve answered your questions Rory thow it may be indirect to the questions.


    1. Hey Dawn, l don’t actually have the typical reblog button anymore on my blog, equally as l can now only reblog/share another’s blog by recreating a new post for them 🙂

      You might have a share option in the reader’s directory though 🙂

      1. They don’t have anything in the reader on the sit or the app, to do a reblog I have to get on Firefox then the WP sit then go to the person’s sit and hit the reblog button if they have one, you have two share options but their for Facebook or Twitter.

        BY FOR NOW

  7. As per your instructions, I have thought about the answer. I am not am empath, though I have empathy to others. And I believe both are different. I have developed quite a lot of good friends on line in blogging world. And I don’t think meeting someone is essential to them being goof friends. Though my real life friends aren’t the ones I meet every week. All my friends are those who I feel a connection with and vise versa.

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