Wasted Time


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Wasted Time

A complete and utter misuse of time,
Yet when nothing fills the wasted time, it blows my mind,
Should be doing things to alleviate this emptiness,
And when l give this thought, it increases my restlessness!
God, l hate being this bored, it’s not often,
That l get this way, but still it does nothing to soften,
The sad fact that l am here now, today!
Looking for something other than nothing to come my way!
Sitting here, thinking aimlessly, praying that,
Something other than nothing comes up to bat,
Itself around in my mind, so that l might be able to say,
‘That’s it, let’s do that today’!
I have things to do in a minute, but that is for then,
And after they are done, l will be back here again!
Then those very same times will be present for some more,
Of the day that is slowly burning the sands away before,
Another day comes along and looks me in the eye,
Saying out loudly, so that l can hear ‘Oh my’
‘Here we are again in the endless flow of nothing’,
‘Which seems to be present again, and that is something’,
But not what l want to hear yet again,
Not to yet again hear more of the same mundane,
Thoughts and false illusions of how to activate my mind,
So that l may pretend pointlessly that l am not wasting my time!

© Rory Matier 2013



12 thoughts on “Wasted Time

  1. When there is nothing to do, we enjoy silence. Close your eyes and feel the infinite space – there is music there that only your soul could hear. Trust me. Lol!

  2. I spent the whole day traveling yesterday, so that I could be home for Christmas. The boredom was maddening. I spent nearly all of my second layover, which was only an hour and a half long, aimlessly wandering around the airport: so unable was I to sit still for more than three minutes.

  3. I just read it in one of the blogs ( was it your’s) the why is it when we are busy, we don’t have time for anything and when we are free we don’t have anything to do?

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