Behind The Blog Who Are You Really?


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Behind The Blog Who Are You Really?

I am in the process of writing a new story in ‘Stories and Tales’, however l am delayed in my completion of it due to Suze falling ill again, and my concentration for long content takes a sidestep tumble when this happens. So l must put the story into a holding vault until l am ready to start it again, which hopefully it’ll not be too long in storage.

As l write this story l travel back to the years of when it happened and l look at my life back then to where l am today typing, wondering how much have l changed as a person – which is significant l can assure you. 1982 – 2019 is 37 years, then l was 19. What’s happened to me in all of those years?

I have lived my life, l have lived lives … l have lived in life.

But the person who sits typing to you today is a collective of those 37 years and all the years before, of many identities,ย  many personalities, many blogs if you wishย  … a character of fiction, drama, love, sex, rock and roll, pain, sorrow, grief and the list of lives, behaviours and emotions goes on and on and yet the person here today is merely the composed author of all those stories. All the stresses and thrills, spills and excitements of creating them in real time, expended to where each new day today the blog is a blank canvas where the years of experience , the humours and joys of living x amount of years now serves itself up each new day to the audiences of both my own mind and the readership of my blog – l serve two audiences – twin readerships.

However, who am l beneath the facade of the authoring blog? Am l the same person, is it all just a display for the readership? Who are we all …. really, behind the blog – who are we in flesh, blood and soul – are we, you, me, l, myself, yourselves – are you the same identity, the same personality that writes or is the person behind the blog, very different to even you the reader?

Are you the blogger the same person as the writer?

Let me know your views below in the comment section.

Thanks Rory

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16 thoughts on “Behind The Blog Who Are You Really?

  1. I’ve described myself as a chameleon before, and it’s true. I can feel comfortable (or uncomfortable) with just about any group of people and just about any environment.
    That doesn’t mean I wear masks and hide the “real” me. Its ALL really me.
    Whether that comes across in my writing/blogging, I dont know. I think it does. I write the same way I speak, so I hope it comes across.
    I definitely dont have a “writer persona”, and the only reason I blog semi-anonymously is to protect the privacy of mostly Ben, but also my daughters. I want to write about how things really are, warts and all, and while my daughters could give permission to use their names, Ben cannot.

    So, the answer to your question is, yes, I think so. I hope so.

    1. Well it certainly comes across as such Angie, like you l don’t tend to stray far from who l am , l award both my mind and my readership 95-98% of who l am. I change names to protect people, although mine, Suze and Scrappy are all the real names.

      Occasionally l must fictionalise some of the reality to protect certain things as well, but in the greater part 97% of my blog is the same 97% of the 100& blogger/writer creating. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There is a lot of differences between Brutus and myself. I am probably the more likeable of the two individuals, though not by a large margin. Brutus is in the happy situation of being able to say whatever he wants without serious repercussions and I, frankly, find some of his views appalling. He has a certain courage that I lack, though – I would never put my own name to some of the dreadful poetry that he shovels out, for example.
    Sometimes I feel him getting too close to me and I have to push him away …. thereโ€™s an odour around him that creeps up on you and it eventually leaves you feeling a bit nauseous.
    He has a good heart though, essentially, but he feels that it weakens him to display it.

    1. You know one day Brutus .. there is going to be a way for the writers of such comments to hear and share in the humour they create for their readers – so as l read this comment – imagine if you will, the chuckles of appreciation to a funny and well expressed comment left by the somewhat smelly Brutus who has a kind heart … ๐Ÿ™‚

      Keep well the pair of you.

  3. I think I am the same as my blogging persona.
    When I first launched my blog I did not even use my name. But very soon I put my whole identity out there.
    But people who use a peuedonym might be different from their blogging selves.
    What do you think ?

  4. I am essentially the same person as I am in real life. Except my name, which I donโ€™t want to share along with a few personal details.

  5. I am the same but the blogger is me is just a subset of me. I tend to compartmentalize my life, work me here, family me there, friend me over here, and creative me at the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not sure what caused me to make such a setup…

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