I Am Solitary Tree


I Am Solitary Tree

Do you see what l see?
As l look to the skies around me,
Standing alone away from the others,
Connected are we like brothers,
Sharing the same grounds,
But speak not the same in sound,
For l stand away,
Distant from their gentle sway,
Same but not, for l am a single soul,
Lost in thought seeking whole,
Answers, paths and truth,
Curiousness from my youth,
They care not, they are one,
As long as they live under the sun,
Carefree, with no aim,
Happy, acting all the same,
Question not their very essence,
Tire l do of the pretence,
Everything is always okay,
As long as needs are met each day,
Imagine do l the same for society,
See not the sobriety,
β€˜Tis nothing l guess, from those whom care not,
Of others like me, so easily forgot,
We are to act in the same way,
But our thoughts can drift astray,
Like leaves in the wind,
As was originally designed,
We are heard from afar,
Seen and oft thought bizarre,
Grateful albeit l am,
Different perhaps, but still a happy man

Β© Rory Matier 2012

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