Working On Us – Week 15 – Isolation and/or Introvert

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Working On Us – Week 15 –

Isolation and/or Introvert

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Prompt #1 Questions:

Are you more Isolated or Introverted?

Currently l suppose l am more isolated  at present – but for me, this is a personal preference – am l introverted? No, l am not really that at all – l am selective.

I live by choice away from people, and although l live in a village of some 1950 people, l don’t mix with them. I am part of a community of people as in my immediate neighbours and we look out for each other’s property, but we don’t go out of our way to socialise past perhaps the odd coffee once every 2 months. So for me, l have very minimal contact with people by choice – but do l feel specifically isolated? No, not at all, l would say purely more inclusive to my own environment.

Am l introverted or extraverted? Neither, as l have written at the top l am a Selectivert – l can be very quiet and spend most days like this, through choice, but equally l can be outgoing – it is all to do with my mood at the time.

Do you feel that there is a difference between the two?

Well yes and no, it depends upon which introvert or isolationalist you are talking to at the time. Some introverts  feel ill at ease when mixing with large crowds of people – for example, l can be quite crowd shy and steer clear of large groups of people but l also at times love being  in crowds of people l don’t know. I also enjoy being isolated from the world whilst many others do not. But some isolationalists experience loneliness or low self esteem which can further develop into illnesses and disorders. Whilst there IS a difference, it really comes down to whom you are speaking to.

What are the causes of being Isolated or Introverted?

I struggled with this question immensely, because l don’t see either of these as a problem – but l think that is where my Asperger’s might divide me from some others. The biggest problem as l see it, is not so much how the person may feel but how society feels about another’s isolation or introversion – society are the ones with the big hang up on these topics.

But what causes introversion and isolation? I can only best answer with – Society judgement and behaviour and lifestyle – it’s all too overwhelming!  But many introverts happen to love solitude and many isolationists are the same because of the shit from society.

Does your family/friends/co-workers question your behavior when you crave alone time and/or do not want to be bothered?

They used to – my family ostracised me for my behaviour of wanting to be alone ironically – they deliberately isolated me because of my introversion – gotta love the irony in that eh?  But it backfired, because l happen to adore isolation and an introversion lifestyle. Many people called me a hermit because they considered me mentally unstable due to living alone away from people.

Have you spoken to a therapist/psychiatrist in regards to being Isolated/Introverted?

Yes l have, l didn’t ask to speak to them, l was sent to speak to them, because it was believed l was not right in the head due to wanting to be isolated from people. This was before my diagnosis to Asperger’s but after my diagnosis of Bipolar. In the end l basically told everyone to fucking well fuck off and let me live MY life!

What is a normal day being in your shoes?

How are you defining normal?

I mean what is normal anyway?

I wake up at 7am, l walk Scrappy with Suze, l come back and shower and grab some breakfast, come into the office at around 8.15am and start my day’s writing or studying and work through till lunchtime at 2.30pm, start work again at around 3pm and work through till about 7pm. I am back at the computer by 9pm where l work till around midnight, then go to bed. Sometimes this differs.

However, if you mean what is a day like socially in my shoes? Well some days l might say ‘hello’ to three people and it will be just that – very little social chatter [ l am not including Suze in these figures] l tend to see more people on the dog walk, l might see the postman or a delivery driver.  That’s it. Some other days l might go into the town of Deal near me for an appointment and then l speak to the person in question and then walk to the taxi rank to catch a taxi for home.

If the weather is sunny and nice, l will not speed through the town but take it casually, smile at a few people, people listen and watch, stroll and look at the shops and breathe in the ambience of people, without being involved with people. If it is wet and miserable my attitude is l can watch people on the television if l miss them that much!

If you were ever asked to go to dinner/party, would you go?  If not, what kind of excuses have you made up to get out of going?

I don’t often get asked to go out these days, usually if we are asked, l want to go, but not alone. Mostly it is Suze who doesn’t want to go and then an excuse is created around health.

Prompt #2 Photo:


Describe for us what or how you feel when you see this picture?

With this image l sense mostly abandonment and whilst this is symbolic to isolation for some, for me this literally represents a teddy bear that has been very deliberately left here and the teddy bear is sitting awaiting his family to come back and looking at the track expectantly.

9 thoughts on “Working On Us – Week 15 – Isolation and/or Introvert

  1. Yes, it’s annoying how society decides you are “weird” if you don’t enjoy being smushed into a wall of people at some blasting concert and pay $300 per ticket to watch a celeb on the screen (still not close enough to see). Oh, yes so weird!

  2. Rory, I really enjoyed reading you post. It’s quite comical when you think about how outgoing most of are online. I can only speak for myself when I say… I feel like all (or most) people here and I relate and I feel most comfortable when I here with all of you.
    Social gatherings make me feel on edge, or on guard. I’m like you in a sense when I go out, I am still cordial and friendly, but I don’t go out of my way to begin a conversation. And, after an outing, I notice I really look forward to down time alone again. I’m just tired and need to lay down to catch my breath.
    For instance, I had my psyche appointment,before even meeting with the doctor, I had to speak to a caseworker, then the doctor. Then when I got home, my roommate wanted to go grab some lunch. I’m all peopled out now. What’s funny, is that I automatically pulled up your post, and needed to read it. I actually felt comforted that I’, not alone in feeling like this at times, (most times).
    Excellent post, Rory!!! Thank you again for participating on “Working on Us” Week #15. 💚

  3. Nice post Rory, growing up out in the country being alone all the time was normal for me and it still is, I can do with out people 99% of the time.


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