Closing the 2019 Season …

Closing the 2019 Season …

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There’ll not be many more regular posts for Doin’ The Dirt Season 2 as l am in the process of closing the garden down. Next Monday l have a gardener coming in to really do a serious makeover on the grounds here. A lot of work needs to be done and neither Suze or l are in a healthy position to tackle the garden the way it needs to be, so a gardener is the answer.

I will once a month post 1 maybe 2 more topical orientated posts to the series a case of as an when there is something to add or indeed informative posts to do with composting and or vegetable gardening.

I took a walk around the garden this afternoon for the photos for this post and to see what the shape of the garden is now a week and a half on from my last post.

IMG_1718 (2)

Mostly all that is left growing outside are the Tomatillo’s and our Tomato plants, although we do have one courgette straggler making an attempt to grow… and kudos to it, l say – well done, it is probably going to be the very last courgette this garden produces this season. We didn’t do badly for crop this year, although the season made things a little more tricky in so far as courgettes suddenly became marrows and  mourgettes overnight. So l think l will pay a little more attention to the compost mixtures we use next year.

IMG_1728 (2)

The Runner Beans have long stopped producing a healthy edible crop and so we are leaving them to simply die off and then we just harvest the seeds for next season use. I haven’t been overly impressed with the Runner Beans harvested crop this year, so if we are to grow this next year, l think we are going to have to re-examine how we plant them.

IMG_1729 (2)

The Horse radish is now on season 3 and needs to be harvested …. l spent twenty minutes or so attending to this today, just to see the shape of things and came to realise it is probably going to be a harder task than initially thought.  We have our roots in a barrel and l feel the only way to get to the roots properly is to completely dig out the barrel  and then start fresh next season.

IMG_1730 (2)

IMG_1741 (2)

After foliage cut down …

IMG_1742 (2)

…. and digging around for a while revealed the roots to be dug out , aah mm, right, l see!

The next stop was to look at the compost heap, l am coming to believe that a lot of our problems for this season were actually to do with the compost heap itself. Regulars to this series will know that l used to dig my compost heap out and turn it over once a month. However since the shoulder injury became a big issue, it meant that l could no longer achieve this task, and so the last actual dig over for the heap was April 2018. This meant that the compost we ended up using for the garden  this year, was either too rich or too raw and not rich enough.

So l am hoping that l can restart the compost heap this autumn, provided my physiotherapist says it is ok. The compost needs to be worked on and get some routine back into it. Dug over, re-wormed, and re-energised – basically to feel loved and wanted again. To lose the tired look it has about it. The gardener will throw some good greenery on it when she starts next week, and l swept up all the leaves at the back and threw that in today, but l need to shred some stuff down, and add some much needed moisture to it again.

IMG_1735 (2)

This is not a healthy compost heap!

IMG_1736 (2)

Came across this little slow worm as well whilst sweeping, a real cutie!

IMG_1737 (2)

The greenhouse peppers are slowly now producing crop, they were late to the party, but have been consistent for the last month or so, so shouldn’t complain.

IMG_1732 (2)

IMG_1733 (2)

Ava is still in excellent condition and my only concern is how l am to keep her in good condition for the winter if she is insistent on staying in the greenhouse.

IMG_1731 (2)

Currently we must bring in a dozen tomatoes each day from the various plants. The Tiny Tims are by far the fastest crop, and produce seriously sweet fruits.

IMG_1725 (2)

IMG_1724 (2)

IMG_1722 (2)

The Tomatillos,  the Tiny Tims and the other Tomato plants have between them produced a large crop of vegetables for the table and l am not unhappy with their performances at all. Lessons learned with the TommyT’s is that if we are going to plant a trio again, then they need to be together and all in one large solid plant container, a big heavy one.

IMG_1720 (2)

Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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