Pirates Day Challenge ……… Coming Soon

Pirate Day 19th September 2019

Arrh me hearties …. Are you ready for the Pirate Day Challenge??

Are ye a true pirate or just another landlubber?

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip Banner Pirate Day

Keep watching for this Seasonal Event … it promises to be challenging!


14 thoughts on “Pirates Day Challenge ……… Coming Soon

  1. Avast me hearty! I’s heered of ya goin’ to honor the Pirates in th’ future. Well Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle o’ Rum! I sails the seas with my Jolly Roger furled and all men (hee hee hee) are afeared of the fearsome Cpt’n Mel! Hoist a glass and cheer!

  2. Arr me matee deadly Dawn the scurg of the seven seas will be there so those bloody land-lovers best be keeping their hands off me rum or I’ll run them throw making fish food of their dirty paws. ☠️


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