Murther Most Foul

Murther Most Foul!

Should a wordsmith of fact, fill pages of penned ink,
On foulest deeds, murther and of surcease,
Doth reader of such dreadful woes think?
Or assume ‘Smith is guilty of ghastly disease?
Doth reader think twice that maybe just perhaps?
Strokes of pen hath committed said crimes of evil tiding,
And that in order to stroke such mishaps,
Must themselves be guilty of hiding,
Truth of dishonour amongst hapless souls?
Whom they have slain in such horrible endings,
Knifed, sliced, chopped up and no longer whole,
All the whilst safe at home pretending,
Imaginings come from just within the mind,
And’t brushed with quill,
Upon parchment awaiting their artistic time,
And nay, they are of sound health and not ail?

‘Tis true then that same can be applied,
Absolute nay to crafters of Gothic artistry,
That they too are sin free of misdeed,
And not guilty of suicidal treachery?
To pen in such a darkly mannering doors,
Doth not make them guilty or accurst!
Harping their inner flaws,
Of deathly gallows as is scribed within verse!
Are they to be accus’d of slumbry agitation?
Perchance that is oft the thought,
Walking of the dead at night is motivation,
For such heavily drapes of distraught!
Can they too not assay to scribe such misery?
With’t persecution from readers,
Or’st just wordsmiths allowed such delivery,
Of such dreadful breathers?

Should they too not receive prayerful benison?
For scribing such enjoyable parchments,
Of evil deeds upon mankind hath done,
And be acknowledged too for chosen sentiments?
Nay, their scribed works are set to confound,
By readers of such devilry and distempered belief,
Gothic artistry is only disturbingly profound,
Awarding said readers no immediate relief!
That mastery of such penned morbidity,
Must be oh so, so cloudy,
To scribe such ways is open to scrutiny,
By weal of such knowledge and so worldly,
And are strokes of the Gothic craft to feel cowed,
For walking in the dunnest alley ways of mind,
Or perhaps like Smiths of crime, simply proud,
That they have enkindled deeper this time?

© Rory Matier 2012


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9 thoughts on “Murther Most Foul

  1. Wow! Great poem and so very timely! This time of year sees much of ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night….(a bit early granted…October looms though!)

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