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Apparently l am clueless when ‘l’ am being chatted up? Take today for instance, horsey woman  looking at the stables available, very chatty as one would expect, lots of smiles, very talkative. Okay, so when people look at the stables they are always chatty, they do talk a lot and they do smile a lot and why? Because the stables here have a good reputation , are clean and tidy and are affordable …. yet!?

Those watching the conversation said l missed every single clue. Asked for clarity l am met with ‘Oh nevermind,  must be an Aspie thing, if you didn’t see it, what’s the point of explaining it to you?’

Well l am baffled in truth! I was showing a woman a stable for twenty minutes and l heard no flirting! I mean good grief, why can’t things be black and white and obvious?

Clueless about being clueless 2011 – Lincolnshire – Aspie Luck


This is one of those cases in which the imagination is baffled by the facts.

Adam Smith

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    1. This is very true – l too have been accused of flirting when all l have been doing is chatting in a friendly manner – l think however that wordings and interpretations have changed in the last ten years. Ten years ago, chatting up was very different as was flirting as was indeed just being friendly. These days people are too quick to say one is flirting because l feel they are clueless as to what real flirting and chat up is like. Social media l feel has a lot to answer for in that level.

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