Quis es? [Who Are You?]



Quis es? – [Who Are You?]

It is suggested that in life we have perhaps one or two things to say, which we then need to amplify

Is a question l find myself asking of late,
Am l supposed to know the answers this late in the day?
Should l know or even begin to contemplate?
Now that l am aging and starting to go grey,
Having got to where l am, and now l ask?
Is it even right to question?
Walked many pavements and paths,
Should l not have even the slightest impression?

Do any of us actually ever really know?
Or do we just accept our destinations?
Ending up where the wind finally goes?
Acting out life’s migration!
Looking to Latin and the start of time,
Holds no further rejoicing either,
Without knowing, yet still l have climbed,
Onwards in my life as an optimistic dreamer!

Striven l have, to ensure that l have achieved,
A worthy life, one to be proud,
Battled with others in order to succeed,
Yet is it enough to stand distinct from the crowd?
Can l say hand on my heart?
That l have done my very best?

Ensuring that l do stand apart?
Have l really passed life’s test?
Every day l pen down my thoughts,
Abstract visions and illusions of my mind,
Travels through time, emotions distraught!
A pain within driving me onwards in the grind!
Will l find peace before my end of days?
Laying to rest demons and ghosts,
Caring not for attention nor praise,
Just totally engrossed!

Should my reasoning be killed off,
Dreams or philosophy dry up or just die,
Just need to empty the mental trough!
In penning down me, myself and I,
Knowing not, where the end does go,
Just accepting that what must be done,
Memories and passing of time from ago!
From past to current, and from whence l begun!

© Rory Matier 2012

12 thoughts on “Quis es? [Who Are You?]

  1. well, eternal question …the answers only in the heart 🙂 or in the mirror? I don’t know haha
    well written poem ❤️❤️

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