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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

What truly motivates you to write?

What’s cluttering up your life today and what are you doing about it?

Did you enjoy a creative childhood?

Have you ever wanted to write a book or if you have written a book do you feel accomplished for doing so?

………… first my own answers.

What truly motivates you to write?

I have been writing since l was around eight or nine l think, back then they were mostly scribbles. By the time l hit early teens around the 12 – 15 mark l used to write all sorts of things mostly fiction. I used to write horror stories and l remember sending off a short horror story to a pulp magazine when l was around 14 called The Owl and The Old Man and having it published and the thrill l felt at being published albeit a small 600 word story, that l no longer have the copy of or for that matter really remember the content itself. But l felt liberated – principally because l was the owl and my father was the old man and in that story l was able to express my sadness at being wiser than my father was with regards life and family.

Writing for me became a way of expressing what l had internalised at home and was unable to freely discuss with anyone how very scared l was many a time living my life with my parents.

Once that story went live and was out there it was off my chest and then l could use my creativity and imagination to write actual horror stories loosely basing home life experiences and the violence into a morphed type of story for fiction.

I have never stopped writing since that first story was published, l have enjoyed writing works of fiction in many fields, as well as reality stories, factual based documents and the list goes on. I find writing allows me to free myself of the constraints that life awards sometimes as well as just a truly meaningful way of expressing literally how l feel.

Writing allows me to discover more about me, from now as in today, for my tomorrows and from my yesterdays. I am addicted to writing and feel lost and guilty if l don’t write something daily.

What’s cluttering up your life today and what are you doing about it?

Sheesh! Where does one start?

Despite there not being much in the way of commodity clutter in my life, l find that l am going through a process of self-discovery as well as experiencing another awakening to who l am again. I am changing my identity without actually alternating my personality or perhaps it is the other way around? I don’t really know, l just know that l am on another journey into who l am – but it is a positive journey. But there are always two sides to every coin and there is always a ying to the yang and this time around l am addressing those issues head on, which at times means opening up very dark vaults within my mind.

I have set myself some targets, goals and deadlines for the next 12 months that are manageable and having learned literally in the last week to stop being so hard on myself with my at times limited abilities due to environmental factors or ‘my internal perfectionism issues’ – that things will happen when you work towards them, but l have to learn l am older than the man of twenty years ago. Therefore, some processes are slower and l need to remember to adopt and adapt more effectively to each.

So many of us forget this about ourselves all too frequently and it takes a lot to fully accept it into our internal routine. But hey that is the learning curve of life. The main thing cluttering my life today is  … me. But, l am positive to the changes l need to handle and l know that once l am back on track, it will be a much smoother ride for my future.

Did you enjoy a creative childhood?

My mother always encouraged me when she could to exercise my imagination and creativity and l do have deep reserves of both when l need them, my mother was a very creative woman when she wanted to be and when my father allowed her to be.  As a child l was always painting, drawing, writing and just making stuff happen, and l was a very creative storyteller.

But my father was both jealous and aggressively competitive with me and didn’t like me being creative and when he could he would always try to hamper me with anything l was doing and so for many years l stopped doing anything at all. 

But with my writing l discovered an outlet and was able to ‘tell the secrets of life’ in a different way. When my first story was published l never told my parents but told my teacher at school, who told my parents during one of the parent/teacher nights and when my father found out he beat me black and blue for not telling them! When he read the story he couldn’t read the hidden meaning but tore up the published work and forbid me from writing anymore and the only thing l was to write was my homework.

I got around this, by having my stories sent to a friends house. Being creative in my house back then was a big no no.

Have you ever wanted to write a book or if you have written a book do you feel accomplished for doing so?

I think there is a book waiting to be written inside everyone, but it always comes down to whether we can see it in our minds eye. I could always see my stories being published once that first ever story was written. I knew that if l concentrated with what l was doing, was passionate enough with the tale then it would get published and that’s what happened.  I used to write specifically for publication in the adult industry as an example and l was published quite a bit then.  Over the years l have written lots of things but never with a view to having them published …. but l have books in my mind that l want and wish to write and when l sit down to work on those books, l will write to become published – but currently l cannot see that in my minds eye so there is no point starting.

I have too many reality stories to continue with and once my mind is empty with regards those, then l will start writing my books.

So there we go, my four answers out of the way, now your turn … let me know your answers below or should you wish to, by all means create a post – your choice. Should you choose to do so, please do include a ping back to this link …. Question Fun Directory

Thanks for reading, Rory

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36 thoughts on “The Daily Four

  1. I will be writing a blog post with my answers tomorrow, as it’s nearly 9PM here and I need to be up early tomorrow. I love your story about the owl.

  2. M glad u didn’t give up writing and continued even after been forbidden to do so.Nice knowing a little something about you.Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think I’ll leave my answers here rather than in a post…

    Q: What truly motivates you to write?
    A: It varies. Most of my writing is currently on my blogs. I frequently look to writing prompts for inspiration, but I can’t quite describe exactly what about a particular prompt inspires me to write. Frequently my work is anecdotal in nature, though I have written a few short (very short) pieces of fiction, and quite a bit of poetry.

    Q: What’s cluttering up your life today and what are you doing about it?
    A: The first part’s easy to answer… all my stuff. We recently moved, and haven’t quite fully settled in yet. We’re slowly figuring out where things go and what pictures to hang on what walls, etc., but we’re a long way from done. As far as what’s being done about it? Well, we haven’t given up, so we’re slowly making progress, dealing with one box or pile at a time.

    Q: Did you enjoy a creative childhood?
    A: For the most part, I would say yes. I tended to do more drawing (pencil sketches, mainly) when I was younger, rather than writing, and I’ve dabbled with painting, pen & ink, & a few other media as well.

    Q: Have you ever wanted to write a book or if you have written a book do you feel accomplished for doing so?
    A: Wanted to… yes. Actually done so… not so much. I do have a couple of very short (5 min reads if you’re slow) poetry collections that I published through Smashwords, but no actual books, fact or fiction.

    1. Good morning, many thanks for answering the questions – quite unsure why the comment chose today to appear despite the fact it was left yesterday, l am quite sure l’ll never understand at times the whirrings of WordPress 🙂

      Ah yes, the just moved clutter, been there … it always reminds me of the missing sock syndrome as well, we always seemingly acquire things we don’t remember packing.

  4. Nice answers Rory. 😀

    1. The hope of helping someone else out and sometimes just needing to vent ( that’s normally my poetry ).

    2. Me, myself and I and him and her, knowing what I want but having no idea how to get there from here. 🤔

    3. 🤔 Honestly I don’t know my preteen child hood is hard to remember with the memory lose problem.

    4. I haven’t written a book yet but I was working on writing two books about being trans from two different perspectives of growing up trans.


    1. Me, myself and I and him and her, knowing what I want but having no idea how to get there from here – is an excellent answer Dawn – a very hard core down to earth answer – which must be very hard at times.

      I haven’t written a book yet but I was working on writing two books about being trans from two different perspectives of growing up trans.

      I think you should start on that as project, would it need to be two books, how about as you have written in the answer to Question 2, write it in four sections as either serialisations or very set sections to the book. But l think that would make for an excellent read 🙂

  5. It can be very frustrating at times being both sexies at the same time and being nether at the same time and being a manic depression as well.

    Yes it’s two different books, one is from the perspective of being rejected as a trans child and growing up that way, The other one is from the perspective of being excepted as a trans child and growing up that way.
    The reason I stopped working on them was because I moved and didn’t have the time to work on them now the battery in my computer has gone bad and I can’t us it tell I get a new battery. 😞

    Some were on my blog is a link to one of the books I started to write but I lost my password for that site. 😞

    Thank you for your comments Rory.


    1. Well l hope you can recommence on that project Dawn, l think it will help you a lot get things off your chest and perhaps able to help you exorcise some of the demons.

      1. Thank you Rory, I’ve exorcised my demons and come to terms with my past but I have been missing working on my books lately.

        BY FOR NOW

      1. I’m about to get a P.O. box then I just have to come up with the money to order a new battery then I can go back to work on them.
        Thank you Rory for your thoughts on my book writing. 😀

        BY FOR NOW

          1. Will do my friend, the Cameleon was intended to be a free book for people to read the other one I intend to try and sell to make a little money but not give up my copy-rights to it.

            BY FOR NOW

      1. Oh I’m so sorry, I must’ve accidentally disabled comments. This seems to happen at random with my posts sometimes. I am glad you liked my answers. Comments are enabled now.

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