Do We Really Own Our Own Body?

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“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies.”

Ron Paul

In the last 24 Hour Question – Need or Heed Assisted Assistance?  We asked Should people have the rights to decide on whether they wish to live or die? Which raised quite a bit of discussion. But another aspect arose from this as well and that forms the basis of today’s question…. Angie of King Ben’s Grandma also raised some interesting viewpoints in connection to this …. in so far as there are many laws about what we have the rights to do with regards our own bodies.

Topics such as prostitution, military service, abortion, suicide, drugs, sexuality, selling body parts and the list goes on that are deemed unnacceptable, illegal, immoral ….

“I believe that deciding upon the time and place of your death is the ultimate expression of self-ownership. It seems clear to me that anyone who professes a belief in personal freedom cannot be opposed to suicide. Freedom to choose how and when we die is a fundamental right.”

Lottie Moggach

Do We Really Own Our Own Body?

Because if we do not even own our own body, then who does legally own us? If for instance we are legally the property of our government is this not yet just another form of slavery? If we only own parts of our body, then which parts of ‘the body’ do we legally own? If our body is not ours, then who truly owns our mind, spirit, soul and life? If upon birth, our parents did not register our birth with the administrations would that mean that we ‘are not owned by anyone except our parents? We are legally under our parents control to a certain age.

Is that too far out a question? Societies elect their governmental bodies to represent us, so if we are not owned by government are we therefore owned by society?

A lot of different questions – but all relevant to the main ‘body’ of the question.

Do we actually own ourselves as in really truly?

Please let me know your view points in the comments section below.

Thanks, Rory

When you become a celebrity, the world owns you and your image.

Megan Fox

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16 thoughts on “Do We Really Own Our Own Body?

  1. My opinion is that we own ourselves, mind, body, spirt. Period. In the US especially, we have given away a lot of our rights, decisions, etc in the name of “protection”. Protection from the boogie man of the hour, as portrayed by the government via the media. 9/11 made enough people afraid that they were willing to turn over their “freedom” to feel safe. I’m veering off into the political, but that’s really where the question lies.

    We are being treated as slaves. Or children, if slavery sounds too harsh. We gave it away, entered into this state. Asked someone else to take care of us…only we can take our autonomy back.

    Unless someone is doing something that hurts another person, let them do what they want to do. Most of the things are morality based. Who has the right to decide someone else’s sense or morality? Live and let live. Diversity makes things more interesting, right?!

    1. Totally agree – it wasn’t just your observations on the last 24 Hour Question that made me think this way, but a lot of ‘who owns what exactly?’ style of questions have been popping up in my mind of late? Who own the seas, who owns the lands, who owns planet earth, who owns the planets, who owns the sands on the beaches, the pebbles, the shells, the fish in the seas and l went on a hell of a mind bender for quite a while l can tell you. Ultimately it then came back to the ultimate moral question of all – not just our life, lives but our death and then again our actual body?

      Government do subject us to a form of slavery, they want to own us from the time we are born to the time we are dead.

      A strange courtcase developed over here some years back where upon a local council wanted to prosecute a man for collecting rainwater, their argument was ‘it was NOT his rain, it was theirs??

      I mean like what the good fuck is that all about? But then you read articles about taking pebbles, shells and sand from the beaches and getting fined, prosecuted or jailed for it??

      The world is crazy, and we never seemingly own anything.

      Over here, if we are broken into as in burgled we are not allowed to protect ourselves or our property. If our dogs bite an intruder we can be prosecuted for assault and the dog is put down for doing what a dog is ‘also’ there for – added security.

      It’s flucking crazy!

      1. Oh yeah. There was a woman who was shot and she got arrested and jailed because she argued with another woman while she was pregnant. The other woman shot her, no charges. The pregnant woman in jail for putting the fetus in harm’s way.
        In many, many parts of the US women are just walking uterus with the only purpose to breed. That’s scary. What’s scarier is that other people agree. WTF?!

  2. I will give you my opinion. Which I am sure won’t coincide with yours. I believe that this world and everything in it belongs to the one who created us. That’s why committing suicide is wrong. The one who gave us life determines the time of death. What the people have done and the systems they have created are all haywire. There is little logic to most of the decisions.

    1. Hey Sadje, thanks for the input into what your thoughts are on the matter.

      What’s important here, is what you believe in 🙂

      Each one of us is entitled to an opinion with regards this topic – because out of everything our opinions are truly our won …. well l am pretty sure they are.

      This is a topic that will always be debated and filled with controversy, taboo and stigma, because it is a very personal topic.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I agree with you (Rory) and Angie for the most part. Everything is going wacko. Soon the fucking gobblements will find a way to carve up the air and charge us for each breath we take like they do water and electricity. I suppose suicides need to be watched to make sure they aren’t murders, but also it’s troubling to me that people may want to end it all not because of pain but over things like debt, which could be helped in a caring society. And I don’t believe in later abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk because at that point the baby is a separate person. But early on? The first weeks when you can take pills to end it or have it terminated in a doctor’s office? No one’s fucking business but the woman’s and her doc’s! People need to butt the hell out of other’s lives. It’s all part of our ridiculous social media though. We now comment on celebrities’ bodies and lives as if they were our best friends. And some will respond! It’s become totally normal for everyone to stick their faces in everyone else’s biz. People discuss the lives of celebs as if they know them. “I wish so & so hadn’t gone back to what’s his face.” That’s our conversation. It’s connected to the kinds of laws we have… why shouldn’t we tell millions of other people what to do? We feel we know who they are and what’s best for them.

    1. An excellent response Paula and l also agree with you with regards the abortion issue, as well as the social media issue – social media has gone nuts.

      It has given people the right to speak and to voice their opinion, but where is that to stop? Where does it have to go before someone realises that it has gone too far?

  4. As said in your other post about assisted suicide – I say no we don’t. Who does? God does. And yeah, I hear the tsk tsk tsking and the booing in the crowd because obviously not everyone believes. We are the caretakers of our bodies and minds and souls though. Responsible for them certainly.

  5. We don’t own are own body’s, inorder for a transgender person to full transition you have to get permission from a phicologis then a doctor that you have to show a letter to from the phicologis before they’ll sign off on it and you have to get permission from your insurance company as well unless you can pay for it your self witch most do because most insurance company’s wouldn’t pay for it, everyone wants to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body and it’s bull shit 😤 😒 👿 .


    1. Hey Dawn, yes l thought that might well be the case as you have described it – the simple fact is we most assuredly do not own our own bodies at all, ever.

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