Need or Heed Assisted Assistance?

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Need or Heed Assisted Assistance?

Should people have the rights to decide on whether they wish to live or die?

My father passed away 18th October 2018. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of liver and bowel cancer in June of 2018 and less than four months later he died of that cancer. In August 2018 he wanted to be allowed to die. My father despite everything did die in pain. In many respects my father was luckier than many others,  the cancer took him very quickly indeed.

A friend of my mothers has been dying of cancer now for the last five months. They have no quality of life, are bedridden, can not do anything for themselves and are totally reliant upon others to live their life for them under the guise of care. They were made bedridden back in January 2019, and their condition has worsened since then. Now their life means nothing to them. This person wants to die ….

I read an article this morning….

Ex-teacher makes final plea for assisted dying to be legalised in UK

Which l think is an interesting subject. We make this huge song and dance about keeping people alive, the elderly, the infirm, the ill and the dying who may not wish to live, and yet assisted dying is still illegal in many countries?


It comes down to a lot of reasons – mostly administrative but it also comes down to the fact that we don’t own our own bodies, so there are lots of things we cannot ‘just do’. I get very confused with this in truth, because if l don’t own my own body, well who does? If someone else owns my body, does that not make me a slave? If slavery is illegal and abolished, then what then? Who owns my body, and then if it is me, why can l not have the right to choose to die?

Of course this is a very hotly debated topic, and we do have to get it correct are we talking ‘Assisted Dying’ for the dying or ‘Assisted Suicide’ for those who are not dying but want to?

Is there ‘really a difference’ to someone who is in pain and has no quality of life and who wishes to die to someone one who is not in pain but has no quality of life, but just wants to go?

So many questions, but why do we insist on keeping seriously ill and dying people alive?

What are your views on this?

Should people have the rights to decide on whether they wish to live or die?

20 thoughts on “Need or Heed Assisted Assistance?

  1. After my own experience of being I’ll and having no quality of life, I do think this needs to be legalised. Like you say, if we don’t own our bodies then who does? I had no control over what was happening to me, my health was rapidy deteriorating, I was in pain and uncomfortable. I had no quality of life and I wanted it to end. Everything was out of my control but I had control over having the choice to die then to continue living, and I mean just living, not having a life. But now, even though my health is not perfect, I have a good quality of life.

    1. Hey Ami, of course this is the other reason that is thrown into the mix by those who oppose the rights to die – that the life of the sufferer could improve.

      There is a massive amount of questions l think could raised on this … about rights of ownership of our bodies, because if we don’t own them, then who does? The government? Mm, it’s an interesting topic for sure.

  2. The ownership of our own bodies goes beyond assisted suicide. The abortion issue is basically a question of whether women own their own bodies or are simply support systems for a uterus. I’ll stop there cuz this is about euthanasia.

    It’s legal in California. One has to meet certain criteria and have a mountain of paperwork properly signed, but then they can get medications to take when they’re ready.

    I voted yes on this. I absolutely believe in it. I wrote a paper about it in school waaaaay back when I was 15. It’s humane and a kindness when we do it for our fur family members, why shouldn’t it be allowed for our human family members?

    It needs to have many many checks to make sure it doesnt become murder. In the California law, the person must take the medication themselves. It can’t be administered. The person must be mentally competent enough to make their own medical decisions. A lot of other things to prevent getting rid of Grandma for inheritance or getting rid of disabled or mentally ill or incompetent people.

    There are a lot of laws restricting what we do with our own bodies. Drugs, laws against homosexuality, euthanasia, abortion…
    I thank you for bringing this up, because people probably dont even think about it that way… body ownership, autonomy.

    1. Hey Angie, it’s a wonderful topic to discuss l feel, 1] because so many treat death as a taboo when it’s not, 2] because of issues you raise with the abortion issue 3] because as you say it is legal where you are and yet in many countries it is not and 4] because well who owns us??

  3. It should be legalised.No one wants to be dependent on others and let’s face the fact that after some time even our closest relations get fed up of caring and spending money.I feel if there is no hope of recovery everyone has the right to die with dignity,pass on to a better world..

  4. I believe medically assisted dying should be legal, with safeguards to ensure those accessing it are fully informed and deciding of their own free will.

  5. I believe that if a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness with a predicted short period of time left to live then having complete control over your life should become the law. Nobody deserves to suffer a prolonged and painful death.

  6. Yes I think it should be legal to end you’re life if there’s no life left to live, nobody wants to suffer a slow painful death.
    I know at least here in America the argument mostly comes from the religious groups arguing that it’s a sin and you will go to hell for it so it should be allowed and the other half of the argument is that may be a cure will be found to help that person.
    It’s all gust a mess because nobody wants to talk about it because their scared of death.


  7. If someone is terminally ill and is suffering, they should have the right to die with dignity. So my answer is yes, definitely.

  8. Oh! Forgot to say that in my opinion “if we don’t own our own bodies, who does?” God does. In my opinion. That’s why it’s presumably wrong to commit murder (suicide). Suicide is murder. Murder is wrong. To some of us anyway.

    1. Your answer here provokes questions by itself as indeed did Sadje and l will try and ask my questions this week.

      I am not a believer in God – but l do respect those who choose to believe in God and their rights and wishes to do so, but it does provoke interesting questions.

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