Dear Blog – 13.28 – 06/09/19

Should l, shouldn’t l? Arrrgh!!!

Suze probably won’t appreciate the song title l have just text her in Facebook with …. but it is somewhat appropriate for her situation, sadly with regards being in hospital.

Today’s update is short and brief. Suze is waiting on the doctors to say whether she is to be discharged or not  – ‘Should l stay or should l go??” Is her burning question to the medical staff.

Yesterday the doctor said she could go, and she was never discharged, and today – well this was a text from earlier this morning ….

“Sorry darling I was reading and getting annoyed. Yet again it seems as though I’m in invisible so I’m off to the nurses station to find out what is going on…”

I have bleeped this one a little. Her response to me asking had she heard anything news wise?

It’s bleep ridiculous… just spoken to the Sister and asked when I might hear something as everyone else has spoken to the bleepy bleep bleep doctor. She mentioned this bleep bleep cardiology report and I said that they were supposed to be chasing it all day yesterday… as you can tell I’m more than bleeped off now…

Yes, it takes a lot for Suze to get herself all bleeped up, l assure you!

I’m more than ready to leave Stalag .. brother suggested digging a tunnel! I’m sorry but trust me I’m trying to be patient but it’s the incompetence that’s driving me insane!

Suze had a cardio yesterday and was told she would have the results yesterday, she was told everything was fine … but nothing happened and she wasn’t discharged and she was somewhat annoyed at that. Suze is now getting terribly bored and agitated. Today she has been told that she must have an chest X-ray that was supposed to be at midday, well already that’s late [current time 13.19pm]. Making matters worse is that she is now under a NHS dietician because she has lost weight, who has told her she needs to eat properly! Which is a bit like a red rag to a bull considering the poor quality of the food the hospital offer.

But that’s where we are this Friday , Suze trying to read her Kindle and switch off to the madness of the hospital, whilst awaiting perhaps her final X-ray to be then, maybe and perhaps she is fine and can go home. She’ll not be happy l feel if she can’t.

Dear Blog ……

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18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.28 – 06/09/19

  1. Poor Suze! She could just pull out all the bleeping tubes and whatnot and leave. They call it AMA- Against Medical Advice, but it seems that she hasn’t *gotten* any bleeping advice. I dont know with NHS if that would affect future care (what bleeping care?) but she CAN bleeping leave.

    My couple of times in hospital were like vacations for me. I got to get away from Casa Cuckoo. How sad is that?!

    Is she feeling better overall? Breathing better?

      1. Might as well get the full tune up eh? Tires rotated, fluids filled, oil change and lube. 😂 Hopefully you won’t see her on the news for inciting a riot😉😂
        So glad she’s feeling better💌

  2. That’s great 😀 to hear Suze is finely out of there. 😀
    If that was me they would have thrown me out for driving them nuts for their stupidity and incopadence. 😜


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