Reality Vs. Fantasy Vs. Actuality Buff!


Reality Vs. Fantasy Vs. Actuality Buff!

Oh nuts to you, l do so live in reality!
It’s just that l like films, it’s an actuality!
So what if some of the lines and scenes,
Have shaped my life and thinking means?
Books and films have made my life more fun!
Have to make the most of it, there is only one run!
With films we can play them over and over again,
Sadly life has but one game for us, one domain!
“I carried a watermelon”, was an absolute classic!
As was the toilet scene from Jurassic!
Coffee drinking and smiling scene from 10!
Oh lordy, l could watch that again and again!
And the drip clip from Dead End, was a scream,
But you have to see the film to know what l mean!
In fact during that movie, l nearly died!
Swallowed a whole lemon and cried!
“Are you always this trusting? Try to be …”
Great film, brilliant horse, moving movie!
“Who wants to be a red fire engine?”
Wouldn’t it be really fun, ever so fine?
There is no harm to being mentally in fantasy!
So nuts to you, that l don’t live in bloody reality!!

© Rory Matier 2012


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14 thoughts on “Reality Vs. Fantasy Vs. Actuality Buff!

  1. Lovely poem. We all need fantasy and imagination creates a better reality.

  2. Lovely poem Rory, yes who needs reality when you have a good imagination just waiting to take you around the world. ❤️✌️


  3. Reality has kicked my butt more often than not! So now, I take it to a place of wonder and tenderness… A place reality is often afraid to go! Now who’s kickin’ but! 😀

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