Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities

I have had these two with me since my birth,
Yet they were present before my life even began,
And will be with me till my death,
Living with me till l am an old, old man,

When l was but a mere babe in my parents’ arms,
They were there secretly within the background,
Laying with me and keeping me safe from harms’,
As silent guardians in fur are truly bound,

Never truly alone was l in their company,
And they were always able to make me laugh and giggle,
With their antics that were always so funny,
Clapping hands, quiet smiles and quirky jiggles,

My mother, l suppose would have been their voice,
But they spoke to me in their own special way,
And did so, because it was their choice,
To treat me as their friend as together we all did play,

Mickey and Henry, as they were so named,
Were never judgmental, and always happy to comply,
Even if it meant becoming maimed,
Undergoing hospital treatment the same as l,

Albeit as l look upon Henry even now as l write,
I can see that it was him that was with me the most,
And together we recovered under lamplight,
From the appendicitis and tonsils removed from the throat,

Has to be said that l seem to be have been sewn up,
By the truer doctors of the day,
Whilst poor Henry, was patched by the grownups,
For now he seems to stand in a lopsided way,

Mickey was there to see to us both,
To ensure that he was present for the laughs,
And to make sure of our healthy regrowth,
That we were again happy on life’s path,

As the years crept upon me, and l did age,
They albeit still there gladly allowed me to grow,
Ever watching as l approached my teenage,
Years, and advanced through life’s ongoing tableau,

I have never been without them, my two silent friends,
Always perched high above me whilst l have slept,
No matter where l have ever been, they are there to attend,
Conversations deep within my mind or as l have wept,

Reminding me that no matter what, or how l may feel,
That l am never ever truly alone at heart,
For with faithfully loyal teddy bears,
True friendship is never far apart,

Together we are all aging now and becoming old,
Grey and fading they might well be,
But Henry and Mickey are part of my soul,
My childhood memories, my inner complexity,

But they no longer live totally alone on their perch,
For during my life have l too acquired friends for them,
Fuzz, Hooch, Ponarby, Joodles, Geoffrey and Smirch,
But it is to my original friends that l dedicate this poem,

I can not stand to see a teddy in the trash,
Thrown away like some piece of garbage from memory,
For with each child’s teddy bear comes panache,
And it is this that makes for the bear necessities!

© Rory Matier 2012



23 thoughts on “Bear Necessities

  1. I love this! Unfortunately, I lost all my precious childhood “friends”, but both of my daughters have theirs. Older’s still. Sleeps with her and younger’s has undergone MRI scans and even traveled to New York & Washington DC on a school trip when younger was fourteen. He still sleeps in her bed, even though he has to share her with her partner. Even Ben has his “pink kitty” that goes to school with him every day and sleeps with him every night.

  2. Nice poem. I do not remember having a blanket or a stuffed animal. I remember sleeping with my cat, whose purr woke me up in the morning. The best alarm clock ever! My son and daughter have kept many of their stuffed animal. My son has a special thing for a duck, which he named WAWA and that he used to carry with him wherever he went. Even today WAWA sometimes comes on a trip with the whole family. But that should not be told to anyone! Hihi…

  3. Rory, I’m sure you’ve seen The Velveteen Rabbit in video or written form? You’ve loved them well and it is certain they have become real at this point. So happy they are still are part of your world.

        1. Yes they are. I rescued some tiger’s from my Father’s, so now there is a slightly fuller shelf, but they are precious, they do hold so many sweet memories.

        2. No. Dad collected his toys from the last twenty years of his life, it stemmed from a relationship he had, or his last one..

          I saw the tigers at Dad’s, and thought these will be thrown out if my Sister has anything to do with it, or end up in her bloody dogs mouth being torn apart as a dogs toy – l cannot let that happen to them. So l took a handful as my rescue and told my sister to keep her bloody hands off them until l have rehomed them. Quite possibly to a children’s ward where they will be loved. Despite all my father’s faults, he loved his tigers.

          I am sadly learning that l meant very very little to my father, which is quite depressing, but his tigers do not need to suffer a terrible fate.

          Not sure if that makes sense.

        3. Rory, I’m sad to say yes it does make sense but at the same time senseless 🙁 I see why you’d want them to go to a good home, despite all.

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