Just Plum Crazy and Percy!

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Just Plum Crazy and Percy!

I spent some much needed time in the garden this morning, as with everything going on this week, l have felt somewhat out of sorts … my positivity levels have taken a pounding with Suze being unwell and in hospital and Scrappy acting even more batcrazy than normal. All my plans for everything have had to be placed on the backburners and the stresses have done a sneaky number on me and overwehlmed me somewhat even l forget l have Asperger’s at times and that can happen.

So l figured spending some time out would do me some good especially as the sun was so warm, it seemed a sin to be inside all day blogging. There is so much l want to write about, but when you are not feeling the bright eyed bushy blog tail spinning, l had to listen to my gut a bit and take advice from it.

It also did Scrappy some good to be outside with me and not moping around the house … however she was NOT in the mood for any photos – she is getting wiser to the clickitty box ha ha!

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So far this week as the garden has slowly wound down from the season, we are experiencing good yields from tomatoes, plums and red peppers. The Tomatillos are also allowing for a bit of surplus to come off as well.

I ended up giving all the picked plums away to my next door neighbour Sam – he likes plums which is just as good, because l shouldn’t really eat plums – they have a rather unpleasant effect on my stomach, and l care not for that experience …… again and again and again!!!

I will probaby have to give Sam quite a few of the tomatoes as well as we have had a large crop come off this season, and l will take some with me tomorrow when l visit Suze again in the hospital as she loves the Tiny Tims and whilst  l also love tomatoes l simply cannot eat the major surplus we have and are set to have this week.

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There is a very good chance that also next year we will not be renting here in Kent and already discussions are afoot to move down to the West country, maybe Devon, Somerset or Sussex. Suze and l said that once Scrappy has gone we’ll not want to stay where we are due to the memories here and also we just don’t need a garden this big. So a smaller more manageable garden somewhere will see the start to our new season idea……

I have been a little astonished at the sheer volume of tomatoes from the small bushell plants we have in the pots and these are a great inspiration for next year in our new idea of 9 [2]  Pot Square gardens. We will not be using soil beds at all next season and we are discovering vegetable plants that are thriving really well in our assorted pot range as way more effective than the traditional raised beds which this year have been a bit of a hit and miss disaster.

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They are quite deceptive as well, because the fruits redden off from the bottom first, so you have to lift the plants up to find the ripe fruits beneath the density of the foliage. Once you do you can see the true quantity of the ripened fruits hidden inbetween the thickness of the leaves. I have learned that for next year these particular plants will greatly benefit from being caned, as the weight of the plants tend to pull the leaves to the ground, which would mean that slugs and snails alike can attack the plants and the fruits.

Now what l have to do is remember what on earth this variety is actually called!! In 2017 l ordered an overly large quantity of seeds and as l use a supplier that does not fuss over additional branding, l have a load of seeds that whilst they are named  varieties they don’t show a picture on the front, so this season Suze and l just grabbed a handful of different varieties and planted ……………… some have performed really well, but others as you will see are still exceptionally green, and although we are enjoying great weather, they are still not ripening off.

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Up close and personal with the tomatillos

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I have learned that the tomatillos need much bigger pots, they have a sweet tendency to want to fall over if not, and break, they are just so tall!

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Of all the plum trees we have, only the Victorias have performed to any kind of edible quality, but they are not without their own problems – so l have had to be very quick with their harvesting in case the rust on the tree strikes them as well. You can see the rust on the leaves in this image below.

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The rust and blight combined has already started to affect the fruits on the branch. So harvesting must be quick especially with the weather the way it is.

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The runner beans were a bit of a disaster for this season, one minute they were ready to be harvested and yet once done, we came to realise they were way older before their time and many of the crop taken off had to be disposed of.

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The upright tomatoes we have had have produced a much slower crop in comparison to the bushell plants, and in some cases the tomatoes are still bright green even with the tomato feeder. But despite being slower we are still set for some good crops. The lesson here l feel is that we planted out too many differing varieties.

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The horseradish looks a bit bedraggled BUT it is being dug out soon so l can start to tackle the horseradish sauce that l have said we were going to make two seasons ago … well this is the year!

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Ava the Avocado is performing exremely well in the greenhouse and is now seriously flourishing now that her two sidekicks of cucumber and tomato plants have left the building! She is a proud beast of officially five feet and three inches!!?

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The peppers have finally decided to catch up, and it was in fact seeing the wilted leaves this morning that also made me swing into action on the garden not realising how much l had left it since Suze went into hospital last week, my bad, but they are all good now!

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A bit of water and some TLC and they come back!

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Today l was under the watchful eye of Percy!! He was trying to hide in the neighbours tree, but l saw him!!

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Even just now, as l went outside to shut down the greenhouse and the shed, l saw him lurking again!! He is SUCH a lurker!!

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Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now … thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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13 thoughts on “Just Plum Crazy and Percy!

  1. It all looks good Rory, I’ve had tomato plants that didn’t ripene up tell early winter when the cold snaps them into ripening, that avacadow tree is gonna get hug I’ve seen them around here as big as apply tree’s.


    1. Hey Dawn, yes l too have seen big Avocado trees and Ava’s certainly looking like she is heading for larger than life status 🙂

      Good to know about the tommy plants .

      Have yourself a terrific Monday Dawn 🙂

  2. I always like to see updated from your garden! And wow, so many tomatoes 🍅 😋 I would like to be your neighbour 😉
    I’m sorry to hear about Suze 😟 I hope she’ll be better soon! I guess Scrappy doesn’t like it either that her Mummy is not home 😟 Moving is not easy but I guess sometimes we feel the need 😟
    Stay strong Rory!

    1. Well you are the Tom Tom girl Ribana 🙂

      Moving isn’t fun, but we think that we have had enough of certain things where we are, and so somewhere smaller and quieter is the best way forwards 🙂

  3. I enjoy seeing the garden updates. Such a plentiful yield from your garden. I hope Suze gets better soon. Moving is exciting and hard at the same time. Hugs for the three of you 😍

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