Dear Blog – 10.35 – 31/08/19

The Drama Llama Ding Dong Saga!

Late last night, l received a garbled message from Suze via Facebook – “I am so confused, the night nurses have told me l am leaving tomorrow! They need my bed!!”

Early this morning, another confusing message …. 06.38

I got moved to the Respiratory ward at 1am. I haven’t slept all night. I just don’t get what is going on. My anxiety is through the roof as I’m scared of picking something else up especially in this ward. The nurses were still talking about me going home but didn’t understand why so was moved so late. The only other thing l can now do is speak to the doctor and find out what the hell is going on xx

Then 06.57 …

The night nurse here is going to speak to the day nurse when she does her handover to make sure that I’m told about my scans and bloods. She thinks I should be here at least over the weekend if not longer.

The whole thing is actually shambolic,  when l asked her this morning just before 8am was there any update?

No one actually knows yet… I’ve got to speak to the doctor this morning. Just because the night nurse doesn’t think I should means diddly squat. I’m really thinking of making a formal complaint. It won’t do much but might make me feel better. It’s absolutely appalling!

At 9.18am this morning, Suze was just awaiting the Doctor’s round to find out what was going on, but made reference to me coming this afternoon …

Could you bring in a some paper as I need to make notes of when things happened. I’m hoping I can go for a walk about later… there are so many noises in here it’ll drive you insane 🙁

Currently it’s 09.53am and Suze is waiting to speak to her Doctor and find out what on earth is going on …

This whole affair is shambolic, it’s been that way from day one and l think it paints sadly a very clear picture of NHS hospital life sadly, and how it is deteriorating. I have been in hospital a few times in my life, admittedly more than l ever wanted to be, but l haven’t been in hospital for a long stay for a good many years thankfully … but the last time, the only major disgruntlement was actually being in hospital which no one enjoys.

But Suze’s plight and confusion, upset, stress and anxiety – is no longer new news, it’s an everyday occurance, there are constantly news articles and headlines from thousands of very unhappy patients who are receiving poor quality services from the system they pay into.

I honestly don’t know anymore if the NHS l grew up with as a child to an adult is going to be around in the next five/ten years in the format it sits in now – in some respects l hope not and maybe what it does need is privatisation because then if it is treated in that respect will it mean that there is a responsibility to patient care, but on the other side of the coin l despair at that prospect because it simply should never have been allowed to become so badly damaged.

It doesn’t matter what finances the government throw at the system if that money is being terribly squandered and mismanaged by the hospitals in the first place. The truth is sadder,  the whole system is broken and it’s not just a monetary problem, it is more far reaching than that now.

It’s needs a serious restructuring and all political money pledging does is boost votes for whichever party is making this Goody Two Shoes move! That ‘s not helping patients, it helps politics.

The NHS hasn’t just got one problem it has hundreds of problems, so where does this money go first? Does it go to the local surgeries to increase performance levels of in house general practitioners and ease off their overpressured surgeries? Does it go to waiting times for patients to receiving care who have to wait for months and months to receive it?

The NHS as a system is now antiquated, it’s 70th birthday was last year and it is still working on the old model – it’s not updating to today’s needs and requirements – it’s not designed to cope with an ever increasing population which is now roughly close to 72 million people, it’s not designed to cope with the ageing population we have and because of that, it’s breaking . Where at this stage of the game does the money go? Okay, basic health care first maybe? Emergency services? Hospital funding? Staffing? How long will the British taxpayer be expected to pay for a broken system before the towel is thrown in? We can’t keep paying for a system that we have no say over, that we pay to cover our health care and don’t receive …….


Three weeks ago l was brimming with enthusiasm, positivity and optimism. Suze was unwell and not getting better, but l was still quite upbeat, l was starting to fight my poor quality gut flora and slowly winning the battle. However three weeks later, whilst still okayish, l cannot say l am brimming with optimism anymore. I am now losing the battle with gut flora as stress is winning the day with my health, l have a neurotic dog who seemingly believes l have kidnapped her Mummy, and wants to know why l keep leaving her for short periods of time and a partner who is in hospital under way more stress than me, who is clueless still what on earth is wrong with her, has nursing staff deciding the fate of her bed, who can’t sleep for apples and doesn’t know if she is going to be sent home or suffer at the hands of even more incompetence and run the risk of catching some other lurgy in the new ward she is now in?

Aye, l think it is safe to say – there have been better months than this one.

Dear Blog ……

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16 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 10.35 – 31/08/19

  1. You’ve just described my last time in an NHS hospital to a T. My dad had surgery on England 5 years ago, a repair on his colostomy- and he was left on a trolly for 2 days AFTER the surgery as they had no beds! He got MRSA as a result and was sent home because they couldn’t manage his care. He nearly died and he’s gone in for a pretty minor surgery. Hospital had to be a place that people went to die. We’ve gone back to those days again

  2. It’s not any better here in US. Hospitals get you stable and ship you out to a skilled nursing facility. Hospital dont want people there longer than a day or two unless you’re in ICU or on deaths door.

    Our healthcare system is why I never see a doctor except my pain management guy. He and his staff run upto 90 minutes behind but they are kind and treat me like a person.

    Ah, JB… I’ve been worried how about how YOU are doing with both your girls not well. BIG HUGS!!!

  3. Sorry to hear that Rory, sounds like Suze would be better off at home or gone to a private hospital. 😞 I hope things get better for you both soon. 🌹


    1. Well l agree, l have been at Suze for months to sit down and sort out private health insurance, but she has always been ultra busy, she has now said ‘we need to do this ha ha, a certain amount of irony here.

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