Working On Us – Week 13 – Sleeping Disorders/Insomnia

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Working On Us – Week 13 –

Sleeping Disorders/Insomnia

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Prompt #1 Questions:

Have you, or do you suffer from sleep disorders?

I often wonder who hasn’t at one point or another in their lives had a sleeping problem of sorts? I know Suze doesn’t tend to get more than 4 hours a night solid sleep and that is if she is lucky. That woman has ears that can hear a mosquito fart in the next house!

I started experiencing sleep problems from about the age of 6 maybe 7 and this stayed with me till about the time l turned 60! Considering as l am only 56 that should explain itself. It has not always been insomnia, many a time it manifested itself purely as night owlship to never feeling tired, to not understanding the whole concept of sleep in fact one of my favourite of all time quotes is this …

“Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.”

Edgar Allan Poe

…. which l think sums up the whole sleep thing for me perfectly well.

Of late however, l have been regulating my sleep pattern to ensure orderly sleeping routines are in my life again.

Have you sought treatment for your sleep disorders?

Many years ago, l guess we are looking at the early 90’s l tried to get therapy for it, but l was diagnosed with PTSD and they told me that it was all part and parcel of that … they couldn’t offer me sleeping tablets in case l O/D’d on them.

Have you ever had a sleep study on you, and if so, what was recommended?

Apparently l wasn’t considered a worthy enough candidate. I have recently said to Suze that l should like to get her to be involved in one.

Has your doctor prescribed medication for your sleep disorder, if so, what has worked for you?

Wasn’t allowed any medication.

Have you ever tried home remedies to alleviate your sleep disorders? 

Yes, they don’t work – what works for me is to be overstimulated and overtired, once l can shut down my speeding brain, l sleep.

What’s the longest amount of time you went without sleep?

Mm, in the mid 80’s l used to drop perhaps 40 pro-plus a day, so as to NOT fall asleep and became addicted to them and l guess the longest periods of no sleep was 1985-1986 and l was surviving off an hours worth of cat napping nightly, so 23 hours a day awake.

Then in the early 90’s l used to rave all night and work all day, so l guess 91-93 l was surviving off 2 hours sleep a night, and if not that, then l was pulling sometimes 8 day straights before collapsing in bed and sleeping for 24 hours and then performing the same thing again.

In 2002 – 2004, l worked an entire 18 month period surviving on 2 hours sleep a night, so 22 hours a day.

So l guess the longest period of time with no sleep was in the 91-93 period where upon l would be awake for 8 days and before anyone says it can’t be done … it can, but it seriously screws up your bioclock in mental and physical exertions, but you can do it. BUT, it burns you out…. fast.

Couldn’t do it now. The last time l pulled an all nighter was literally about 8 weeks ago where l was awake for well over 27 hours. You can do all sorts of things when you are younger.


Prompt #2 Photo:


Describe for us what or how you feel when you see this picture?

I’m not awake,

I’m not asleep,

My brain aches,

Where are the sheep?

One, two, three,

Four, five, six,


Three hundred and forty-one,

Isn’t something supposed to be happening,

By now, cause this isn’t fun!

The night is still young, and this is maddening!


One thousand, two hundred and is it ten?

Please let it be ten,

I can’t start this again!!

Oh no, l have forgotten!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Working On Us – Week 13 – Sleeping Disorders/Insomnia

  1. Hey there, Rory! I’m so happy you were able to participate in Week #13 of “Working on Us” – It’s sort of funny, that when we were younger, 2 hours of sleep was just enough, and it was back to work after a night of clubbing and partying. Those days ended for me when I was in my late thirties. I was a big concert freak back then, and it was a little difficult surviving on 2 hours of sleep.
    Insomnia has been a factor in my life since my early 40’s. It sucks when you can’t shut your brain off. Sure, I’m medicated now, but even being on the highest dosage of of each medication, I still find it difficult to shut down. Once I’m asleep, I’m good. However, I’m like Suze… I wake up to a gnat farting very easily.
    So, you have considered going to a sleep study? When do you plan on that?

    By the way, I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I was curious… How is Suze and Doodlepip feeling lately?

        1. In truth l really don’t know Beckie, her last message to me last night was that the hospital are so desperate for beds, they may release her later today whether she is healthier or not, l despair 🙁

          1. Oh, that poor thing. I’m so terribly sorry for all that you are going through. I know I don’t know Sue or you personally, but please extend “Get well really soon” from me. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏

  2. Hay Rory, nice post, I’ve been a cronick insomniac all my life it’s a real pain in the ass and meds are a joke.


  3. You can definitely do a lot more when your younger! Although I can still pull a few all nighters, I think its down to my eratic sleeping issues! I did sleep most of today away, all because I hadn’t slept much in the past 4 or 5 days. I slept from midnight until around 5:30 today, only waking to feed nitro, let him out and eat a snack. xoxo

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