Dear Blog – 11.55 – 30/08/19 – Update

Iron  ing the problems out …..

Spoke to Suze this morning very briefly, still none the wiser, still not in a proper ward due to no beds, and despite having a differing diet, the hospital doesn’t have the resources to provide a ranged diet? So end result is she is not eating ‘that well, but blandly and basically’.

By differing diet l mean – a healthy diet – not an overly specialised diet or perhaps being gluten free is too specialised for hospitals – it shouldn’t only be a diet that can only be catered for if you are private. More people these days are gluten free, are lactose intolerant and so on – that is because of the bloody chemicals agricultural giants insist on putting on everything we eat … they are the sods responsible for a global nation of ill people!

So now, Suze isn’t eating that well ….. in addition to everything else … brilliant … and still not even remotely the wiser for the main cause for the infection. She still sounds iller to speak to than the time she went into the hospital, but that is to be expected – especially when you are only allowed catnap sleep times, due to being awoken constantly for blood tests, CT scans and checks to see if you are asleep …. ?

One thing of note is that her Iron levels are extremely poor, very, very low, too low – so there is a goodly chance that this might well be one of the true culprits behind the issues. Iron deficiency anaemia – l know about this subject quite a bit due to my poor diet days and internal to external bleeding. But it is also something that post menopausal women can suffer from. It is something they are looking at – so it would be interesting to finally get some answers for Suze’s sake.

I am there visiting with Suze tomorrow so l can hopefully speak to someone and find out more, because Suze is always so drained and tired to talk to, plus there is always so much noise going on behind her, such as beeps and bongs and chimes and people voices, it is hard to hear her clearly with her tired whispered voice.

She has had a good range of visitors so far from friends from work, her cousin yesterday and apparently her brother and his wife tonight, so she advised me to not come along until the weekend.

This morning [in fact now, as this is a post dated post], l am at my first nutrition appointment, so hopefully l can get to the bottom of my own diet problems as well. It has been a trying challenging week, and whilst l am pretty upbeat and positive, l don’t know if l am in all that good a mood for pissing about with ‘nutrition talk’ today! Not being negative folks, just honest.

On top of everything l have been busy trying to pull my routine back into shape, so that will be affecting me as well l should imagine. Last night was the first night for almost a week that l managed to get to bed by midnight and this morning l rose at 6.45. So l am eager to renew my schedule, but with the stress of Suze being so unwell and the sudden admittance into hospital on Tuesday it just threw my order into chaos.

l hope l’ll find out some helpful information today regarding my own dietary requirements, as it needs to be sorted out. But maybe l can ask about Suze’s problems there as well as l am now wondering if the 2016 diagnosis of Candida for me was actually accurate – it may well have been, but as generous as it was for  Suze to have joined me on the diet, perhaps it was a bad move for her as only the previous year had she really entered the post menopause period and the presence of a potential long running iron deficiency does make you wonder about huge changes to a person’s diet and more so when they ‘didn’t’ need to drop their dietary requirements down?

Her ‘iron deficiency’ started somewhere especially given her extremely low counts from the tests performed so far … but we’ll see l guess.

I’ll keep you informed on all counts.

Dear Blog ……

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29 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 11.55 – 30/08/19 – Update

  1. So sorry to hear about all of this stress Rory. Can relate. But most of all I really feel concerned for Syze, and very sorry she is so poirly. And our b****y NHS. It’s been as bad with my 94 year oldmother. We’ve got problems there too. The whole damned lot needs iverhauling. Poir Shze. Wish she could just have quiet, peace, and rest. Hugsand love to both of you

        1. In truth, l am not really sure WHO can make the NHS better. I am in favour of neither of the leading parties hence why l voted green this year – l simply don’t trust politicians anymore.

          This bloody Brexit thing has taken sooooooo long to sort out and where are we three years on?? Nowhere close to any consolation prizes, meanwhile country breaks even further and sinks faster than Venice.

          1. I know. I am with you. To be honest, I wonder if the NHS CAN be saved by ANYBODY in any decent form. I despair, as you do. The whole country and everything about it is in a bloody mess, and please excuse the swearing, but it’s all that describes it!

            1. Worry not about swearing with me Lorraine 🙂 I spent many years with Lincolnshire Fenland farmers … they taught me words l never knew existed 🙂

              Sadly, l think that the NHS as l discussed yesterday will in the next 5-8 years not exist as we know it. It will be privatised and the so called health care system we grew up with will resemble more of an American system than anything else.

              1. Lol re the Fenland farmers! I saw a discussion on WP about whether swearing was acceptable or not, but hadn’t time to read it at the time, so don’t know where it went lol. I believe you are right concerning the NHS. Our local hispital was bottom of the Leaue not long ago, and went into Soecial Measures – twice! My mother has a haematoma developed. Very badly. The doc wants her to go unto hospital for surgery on it, but she refuses to go. She has also just found out about someone dying from blood poisoning following hip surgery! I looked it up and it was NOT the first. It is terrifying!

              2. Yes it is, the shape of our HNS has become a serious problem. They don’t have the right resources anymore, they are understaffed, under bedded and underpaid, under appreciated, underfunded, under pressure … it’s just becoming way worse than a bad toilet joke.

                Don’t get me wrong, l truly admire the staff in the health system, they have a seriously hard task at hand, and they never seem to be getting the support they need.

              3. Agreed, but just hope they can get Suze diagnosed despite it all, abd treat her properly.

  2. That’s horbale when you can’t even get a decent meal in the hospital, hopefully Suze gets better soon.


  3. I have both iron deficient anaemia and pernicious (B12) anaemia. It’s a struggle and I have to have regular iron infusions and B12 injections as I don’t absorb it through the gut. Anaemia is a big deal. It can be life threatening so I hope they’re taking it seriously. It can be a pre cursor for other conditions too so if Suze has that, they ABSOLUTELY need to be digging deeper. At this point, it sounds like hospital can only make her worse. She’s exhausted and would be better off at home poor girl

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