The Memory of Time Afore



The Memory of Time Afore

My mind is alert but my body is becoming ancient,
And l feel that as l age l am starting to fall apart,
Which is somewhat confusing considering the blatant,
Facts, that l still feel so damningly young at heart!

But age and getting older creeps up on us all,
When today’s tomorrows are just mere yesterdays,
Like faded photographs of the forgotten times before,
When we were younger, carefree and ever so blasΓ©!

I remember my momma used to say when you are older,
You will be much wiser than you are today,
For you will have seen more to life and acquired a finer,
Outlook, and will look at things differently,

Twas a truth, for now as l approach the wisdom years,
As so called by the elders, l look back upon,
Everything that l have learned from my adventures,
With some joy, but also some cynicism!

Life is as you make it, and you alone choose your path,
To do with as you so deem fit,
Like enjoying yourself and having a laugh,
And not or ever thinking forwards, nor caring to admit,

That there will come a time later in your future,
When you will be sitting down and thinking of times gone,
And wondering where and how all the forgotten years,
Somehow managed to get used up, dusted and done?

Life is funny it is indeed full of the most incredible realities,
Be these harsh or kind times that you found,
Having manifested and harvested into actuality,
Becoming memories etched into your mind and forever bound,

To you, and those that may have shared your time,
Making your use of life an enjoyable experience,
Worthy therefore of the gradual wisdom climb,
And taking you further into the world of common sense,

It is too easy to not think of the history of the morrow,
For you have not yet reached that time,
To even consider yet alone contemplate the sorrow,
Of the years that are quickly passing you by,

How they can so easily be forgotten and left in yesterdays,
Moments, awaiting your time to rekindle them,
Not thinking as you do, that it goes without saying,
Why should you not be able to pull them up again?

I look back and remember that my momma said l would be wiser,
She never said that l would become forgetful,
Nor did she tell me that some memories would be dimmer,
If l had not remembered properly for sure,

Sadly l don’t have many photographs of my younger years,
And can only pull up certain moments of my before times,
But l try to write them all down now before they disappear,
Hence the reason behind many of my rhymes!

Β© Rory Matier 2009

24 thoughts on “The Memory of Time Afore

        1. Thank you, especially for the warmth! I’ll be laughing as I take my last breath if I know it’s my last one! Much prettier wrinkles that way.(-)

  1. Hay Rory, your morning blog is blocked out from comments ( this mornings blog Aug 28 ).


    1. Hi Dawn, it was sitting in reblog – two posts from the day are reblogged the morning one and the poetry one , l think that was the problem πŸ™‚

      1. I don’t know I couldn’t even get on to your sit as it keep saying pag not found, I’ll see if I can get on to it now. πŸ€”

        BY FOR NOW

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