So You Like Creating Questions Right?

So You Like Creating Questions Right?

I am looking for those of you who really like creating questions across a wide range of topics – not just your chosen niche, but across a diverse and neurodiverse topical range – l have a special project coming up and thought l would ask my readership to help me out – is this you?

If so, drop me a comment below please.

Thanks Rory

23 thoughts on “So You Like Creating Questions Right?

  1. Ask me I’ll write questions. I’ve got one already. About when would you be looking for said questions and what’s the application?

      1. I said it because every time I did an award and I needed to ask my nominees questions, nothing came to my mind…🤪
        I guess favourite topic will be cooking or eating 😉

  2. I’m better at answering questions than I am at asking them. I struggle every week to come up with a good, thought provoking question for my Fandango’s Provocative Question prompt.

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