Dear Blog – 14.45 – 28/08/19 – Update

How long Will I Be In???  Mm… yes, about that…

Suze hates hospitals as in being in them, it’s not that unnatural a response, no one likes being in hospital … however now she has lost her choice. She is to be there for between 1 -2 weeks till they can make her healthier, more physically balanced and stable. Build up her immune system and then they’ll let her out…

This is going to be hard for all sorts of people l feel and mostly Suze herself because she is 1] a slight controlling natured person [who now has no say in things]  and 2] as you will have read not one to be kept pinned down.

It’s going to be really hard on Scrappy l feel, but thankfully she sleeps mostly now during the daylight hours and so the hardest time will be night times.

I have said to Suze l will travel out to her every couple of days, and as a non driver that’ll be a little hard – l don’t want to rely upon other people’s offers of help, that’s not me being proud at all. But l have to think of Scrappy and how long l leave her for. Each journey is 45 minutes each way provided traffic is easy, then if l am staying for an hour and a half, then l don’t have to put any pressure on the neighbours for a length of time, and will only be out of the house for the minimum of three to four hours every couple of days.

I had a physio appointment this morning [yes it’s going very well], but l left her asleep at 10.45am and was back by 12.15am to her still asleep and l don’t think even aware l had left her in the first place. But that was only to Deal which is 15 minutes away.

I don’t like putting on people, plus l don’t think l could stay for longer than 90 minutes in the hospital visiting Suze without becoming slightly bored myself .. that must sound terrible, but even Suze would say 90 minutes maximum is long enough. But when you are reliant upon other people, they tend to steal a little of your independence when it comes to Time and l can’t really have that. Be different if Scrappy was a younger dog herself with a quality health bar of her own, but that is not the situation.

I think Suze will be fine for visitors though – she has family and friends who will visit when l am not there. BUT, at least she’ll not have to worry too much about everything apart from going insane through her own boredom. But more importantly, hopefully we can get to the bottom of her ailments so when she comes out she’ll be a lot healthier and happier.

Damn this holiday we need to have is really going to be well earned!

Dear Blog ……

24 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.45 – 28/08/19 – Update

    1. Hello Suze, I hope things go well for you and you get out of there sooner rather than later dear. 🌹

      BY FOR NOW

  1. I k ow exactly how you feel since I have to ask someone to drive me anywhere. I applied again for the curb to curb bus service here but have not heard back yet. There are no parabus stops near me. Hooefully they will disgnise quickly and she’ll be home again soon

    1. Hey Cheryl, like you, this part of Kent has no regular bus service, it means getting to Deal, then waiting for buses and then … blah, all wait times .. l’ll get a taxi at least that way l am controlling the time out to around 4 hours, unlike trains and buses which could stretch it to 5/6. Hospital is only 45 minutes away .. but it’s still 45 minutes away.

  2. It does suck having to depend on others for transportation. My daughter has my car right now since her partner’s car broke down. I’m now having to plan all my errands around her work schedule.

    Having been a patient in hospital, I can say 90 minutes is maybe too long for a visit unless you’re watching a movie or something. Besides, there are always medical staff in and out, and roommates if she doesn’t have a private room.

    Your upcoming holiday will be well earned! And you’ll have a healthy partner to enjoy it with.

    This would be an excellent time for Suze to journal her days and turn them into blog posts… I’m sure you’ve suggested this already.

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ve been thinking about you and her and your fur child too.

    1. Hey Grandma, l totally agree that 90 is way too long, have discussed with Suze and we both agree 45-60 minutes is ample. it also means the taxi ‘might wait’ l’ll have to see if l can get a discount for frequent travel to and from the hospital otherwise it’ll get a bit costly after a while, l am not tight fisted, but it’ll cost £30 for the journeys each time.

  3. Hay Rory, I don’t know if you have something like Uber there but it may be cheaper than a cab it’s worth looking into, I hope things go well and Suze gets out sooner than later.


      1. That’s to bad Rory as that would make it easier to get around, I know how stuff like that is. 😞

        BY FOR NOW

          1. Ya Orlando is a lot like that, they cut the public bus routes and time’s making it that much harder to get around now. 😒

            BY FOR NOW

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