Dear Blog – 09.25 – 28/08/19

Broken services and no beds!

Considering that Suze was ‘fast tracked’ through the hospital system by the specialist yesterday during the morning appointment – as in – she was to arrive at the CDU – Clinical Decision Unit in Margate in the afternoon to be admitted to that hospital for further tests.

Yesterday was one of the hottest days of not just this year for the UK, but for many years in Kent …

Suze set off for the hospital yesterday with the wife of her brother who kindly said she would take Suze in and yet when they arrived at the hospital, she was then told that she had a three hour waiting time? The waiting room was overflowing with people, there were ambulances queueing up outside waiting to drop people off and the hospital had no free beds.

Suze was ill before she went, she was experiencing problems breathing, restrictions on her chest, difficulty in achieving any satisfaction standing or sitting and she had to wait for three hours in the heat, only finally being seen at 6.40pm in the Resuscitation unit in casuality where she stayed until 1.30am. There they took countless blood tests, portable CT scans [where it was noted she had fluid on the stomach] and was attached to the ECG machine [electrocardiogram]

Until 1.30am – she hadn’t been placed in a bed – but was on a trolley – after 1.30am she was then placed into a makeshift bed. Then basically left be…. until 5.30am this morning, and as l sit typing to her l have come to realise that she is now iller than she was before she went into hospital.

She was not offered anything to drink [even water] and only this morning at 6.30am received soggy cornflakes with soya milk and now she is awaiting an echocardiogram …….

What l find absolutely fucking astonishing is how everybody outside of the UK seemingly thinks that the NHS [National Health Service] is the best in the world? Well it’s NOT, it’s broken, and the biggest problem is that the government have got to accept that it’s broken which is something they flounder with. It’s the British people that know the truth … that it is not just broken, but seriously broken. It’s not a recent thing either, it was breaking for years before today – it was just under way too much strain, and the funding and administrative accountancy was not handled well.

The NHS is a free health care system which seems to attract a lot of outside interest from those who think  it’s 50 shades of perfect when it’s far from that. This is why we see people flood the shores of this country to get this all singing and dancing free medical care! It’s not just outsiders who seem to think it’s fucking fantastic either – the Brits themselves think it is as well … my late father was constantly praising it – until the days towards his demise when he wasn’t – when even he too realised just how damaged it was.

It’s like now with Suze not able to get a bed in a quality Kent hospital – which is supposed to be a top notch operation – except it’s not, and hasn’t been for a good ten years, its reputation is poor, and when hearing you are going there – people have been to known to cry in despair at the thought. The bed figures are not what people think either. We have less beds per 1000 patients than most of Europe. The national expenditure is way less per head also in comparison to outside the UK and we have less practising doctors than other countries might believe. Sustaining a free medical care system is not easy either.

Since the turn of this century,  l have seen this ‘great institution’ crumble into the dust, l have read countless news headlines and articles that deal with inappropriate spending, corruption, poor funding, loose grants, less beds, poorly paid medical staff, doctors resigning to go private, doctors just stopping being doctors, UK doctors going abroad to be paid higher salaries, countless misdiagnosis, dying patients, high level fraud, overspending on oversurplus medical supplies … never mind the patients themselves who take the piss out of the service, don’t cancel appointments they cannot attend – that’s wasted monies there – government monies for budgets not planned in and funded correctly! The NHS is in dire need of some quality administrative management – with people who know how to run hospitals and not just interested in higher salaries for themselves and earning fat cat status.

I am grateful for the young trainee GP [General Practitioner] in our local surgery who was not prepared to do what Suze’s own doctor had done and simply written off her ailments to ‘just another virus’, worry not – here take some anti-depressants love!” Because she is young and not burnt out and still enthusiastic – and yet what’s failed her for starting the ball rolling is the NHS itself who cannot perform even the simplest of tasks of providing sufficient bedding for those they wanted in hospital in the first place at their bequest!

The NHS is broken but not completely dead – we just need people who are willing to take on board the responsibility of ownership and accountability for health care. The government needs to start toughing it up on the tax payers – if we want a ‘free medical’ system available because we pay tax and National Insurance, then we need to start putting our money into it – but we the taxpapyers should only be doing this if our funds are handled correctly and go to health care investment and effective spending.

In the meanwhile – Suze tells me she is being transferred to S Ward which means a longer stay l fear, but finally it appears she has a bed. Finally. Suze did say something however and that is despite everything – the staff all work their assess off to help people and l don’t contest this at all – the ground staff of the NHS is what keeps this derelict upright.

Will keep you updated.

Dear Blog ……

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27 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 09.25 – 28/08/19

  1. Wishing the best care for Suze xx
    The NHS has such worth and potential but it can’t reach it with the resources it’s given.

    1. Hey Karen, many thanks – true, but there are no many resources that it needs it would take a huge accountability team a very long time to rectify it.

  2. That’s exactly the way things are here. My experience anyway. The only difference is that they expect you to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being treated horribly.

    I’m glad she’s finally in a bed. With it being so hot yesterday, there was probably a higher demand for services. It’s still no excuse.


      1. That’s horrible and wonderful at the same time. Horrible to be stuck in hospital but wonderful that she will (hopefully) be getting the care she needs to finally get her body healed.
        Ms Scrappy is going to be mad at you for sure. Poor JB. If it’s not one thing its twenty.

        1. Yeah, well my nightmares began in earnest tonight with Madam la Scrappy who has finally realised that ‘mummy’ is NOT in the building and it must somehow be my fault and in a huff took herself to somewhere else, she’s not been in the office all night – never rains here – it bloody pours ha ha 🙂

    1. Hey Paula, it used to be better, but as Gary has said above you, now it is more about monetary positioning that the patients.

      We need good management, we need accountants we need people to care about it all, but we need a government to stop just ploughing money into a poor management system without understanding how hospitals are actually run.

  3. Look on the bright side, in 10-15 years it will all be privatised and it will be one of the best in the world, because the majority of people won’t be able to afford private healthcare.

    I despair of this country I really do.

    I hope Suze gets better very soon

          1. The NHS shouldn’t have, but its badly managed, too much money is going on red tape and management, when it should be going towards the doctors and nurses.

            Maybe if some of the managers were actually from a medical front, it might not have been as bad

            1. Totally totally agree with you there. The money needs to be professionally managed, we need our staffing paid properly for the work they do and they need to be appreciated more they are. Our top management teams need to contain less accountants with NO medical background and more as you say who do know the front line exceptionally well – however sadly that’s not what is in place.

              Too many industries are managed quite frankly by the wrong people. Suze works for a corporation dealing with the homeless and one of their top managers is a lawyer by trade and not specifically a people person – she has no real knowledge of working with homeless people, but she knows the legalities and the accountancy side, but isn’t a people person – the UK has way too much of this. People who have no idea what it is like on ground level.

              1. In complete agreement, I will say that at times you need someone who knows the legalities and all of that but you don’t need everyone to know that and no one to know the front line.

                However I am guessing it stems from our government and putting people in charge of areas where they have no knowledge. Just once I would like to see a teacher as Education Minister or a Farmer in charge of Agriculture, that type of thing

              2. Yes, totally. But it’s been like this for as far back as l can remember – our ‘governments’ apparently ‘deign’ to know everything …………………… mm.


  4. I think people outside of UK know that NHS is broken. I do hope the Suze gets good care and is diagnosed properly.

  5. Unfortunately greed and corruption are ramped in everything now days.
    I hope Suze gets better soon.


  6. It never ceases to amaze me how, in the 21st century and within industrialized nations, that healthcare is in the sorry state that it’s in. It’s inexcusable. I do hope Suze will get the care she needs.

    1. Hey Fandango, l totally agree – that today in the so called 21st century we still have almost Victorian hospital situations ongoing – in fact back then in places the med care was still supreme to today.

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