Life Lessons From Parents?

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Life Lessons From Parents?

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Whilst on our way to the appointment with the specialist today, Suze suddenly stated that tomorrow would be twelve years since her father passed away, and l said that in just around the 6 week mark it would be my father’s first anniversary of him departing. I remembered a friend of mine, a fellow blogger also telling me that this month was also the first anniversary of her own father’s death. I found myself thinking about him this morning and asking how l felt now that he has gone?

Additionally, whilst sitting in the hospital waiting room for Suze’s appointment to be called out, l overheard a conversation between what l am guessing is an older son and his elderly parents. The son was himself in his mid to later forties with his parents in their late sixties … the mother turned to him and tried to settle a spat between he and his father and she basically said ” Have we taught you nothing about the lessons of life?” It was an odd thing to ask considering the nature of the argument, but it stopped him dead and then he simply laughed at his mother and answered … l know plenty about life!”

Suze and l were called in at that point, so l was unable to hear how it had concluded as a discussion

But these moments stuck with me as we travelled back home after her first appointment.

I was trying to think about the ‘life lessons’ my parents taught my sister and l and of them, which ones have l carried with me throughout my life till now? In truth, l didn’t receive that many from either of my parents, but of the few l did, they were mostly from my mother only and they were ..

Always be polite and courteous to all you meet …

Be quick to help those in need if you are able …

Friendship in a partner is more important than sex, beauty fades but true friendship never does …

Always keep money for bills and the roof over your head and for food for your stomach…

A carrot, a potato and a rock will always make you soup!

Live within your means …

Be generous to others when possible …

These were her main lessons. But l sat there in the car and thought, well okay, what did dad teach me?  For the whole 45 minutes l gave this some serious thought and when l got home and started to write this post, l stopped,  drafted the post and thought some more …. finally l have it …. there were two lessons from dad.

1] Work hard, play harder and 2] Don’t get caught dicking another man’s wife! With the second l remember asking him very specifically … “You mean don’t cheat on your partner?” His response was , “No, l mean don’t get caught with another man’s wife by that man!”

Astonishing lessons really, however, me aside,

What lessons did you learn from your parents that you still use today?

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19 thoughts on “Life Lessons From Parents?

  1. My my! Your father was a pragmatic man if nothing else. While your mom gave you the best advice a parent can give to their child. My mother passed away before I was 6, so I don’t remember anything about her. But my father was my role model. He not do much said things but did them so that it would be practical example of how to live life. Be kind, humble, helpful, kind to your parents and most of all keep in touch with your family. He would do that with his siblings and kept us all joined together as a family.

      1. I am trying. Not so much as preaching as showing. They are all decent human beings and are entirely different from each other in how they react to life. 🧐😉

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, Rory.
    I learned most of my life lessons by my mom. Always say, “please and thank you.” Treat your elders with respect, have a strong work ethic, love with all your heart, think with your head, don’t let passion get in the way, treat people the way you would want others to treat you, don’t believe all you hear unless there are facts to back it up, and one particular one stands out in my mind. (Please note: this was mentioned during her divorce, and then my own. “Have dick will travel” – Yup, the words of a woman scorned.
    There are so many more valuable lessons my mom taught me over the course of my life and, I’m grateful she did.

    1. Hey Good morning Beckie,

      Good sound advice – a lot of those my mother mentioned also in truth, but never as lessons per se, but how to be towards another person – still excellent advice – but my father was clueless to advice awarding.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this since you posted it and I honestly cannot think of anything my mother or father told me or taught me, unless it’s how NOT to be.
    My bio-father left before I was 3, my mother had a succession of boyfriends. I had (still have, we’re in contact) a great step-father for about six years, then mom cheated and divorced. I moved out at age 18.
    I think, I hope that I’ve done better with my daughters and now with Ben.


  4. From my mother I learned everything not to do in life if I wanted to get anywhere and get along with people.

    I think the main things I learned from my dad was you can’t skate through life. You have to work and work hard. If you are going to do a job do the job right. Don’t half ass it or rush through it. If you do your just going to have to come back and fix it later.

    If you want something in life don’t expect others to give it to you, help you get it or get it for you. Get off your butt and work for it. If it is worth having and you want it bad enough you will put in the work to get it.

    No matter what people say don’t judge get to know someone and decide for yourself what you think of them. Just because someone may have a pass or don’t have the best of things says nothing about that person.

    Rather you have it to give or help someone do it anyway. My dad never left anyone out or forgot anyone. If someone was with us and we stop to get a drink, eat or anything like that he pay for theirs too. Rather he was short or not if he knew they didn’t have it or it would short them. He always get by.

  5. Oh and always be early wherever your going not right on time or late. And if you aren’t going to work or school or anywhere else don’t call in sick if your not really sick. Tell them the truth your just not coming in today. Because how are you going to explain it if someone see’s you out and about if you decide to go somewhere.

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