666 – I’m NOT Cynical … but,


Devil in Disguise was the sort of the inspiration behind this …. well sort of! 

666 – I’m NOT Cynical … but,

666 Is the Devil in you, l swear!
You caught me by surprise, completely unaware!
What is love if not the Devil?
Emotionally leaving you completely dishevelled!

Falling in love, the ultimate madness!
We say NO, to avoid the stress,
But when it strikes can we help it?
Nuts! Stupidly we submit!

Spun me over and over again in your web!
Life is now signed away, slowly it ebbs!
Should be happy, for now l see white doves!
Apparently the first sign of being in love!

Yet l know in the deepest of my down!
This will end up in cynicism and heavy frowns!
666 you are the Devil in disguise!
Loving deeds soon will l despise!

Wearing your mask of sultry sin!
Used to draw me hopelessly within!
Squeeze me dry till all that remains,
Is an empty heart filled with disdain!

Love is like signing a contract!
With the Devil in disguise, hard to retract!
Falling in love the heaviest of pains,
Yet we do it and watch our brain drain!

Losing the ability to think and act straight!
Possessed by minions who increase our heart rate!
Bowled over and hopelessly disjointed,
Mental stress alive to breaking point!

Oh yes 666 is really a fantastic feeling?
When you don’t eat, become dizzy and start reeling!
Others may laugh, hell they may even snigger,
We don’t care, as we are engulfed in love bug jitters!


Can’t stop thinking of our Devil in disguise,
Who will shatter our hearts as soon as baptise!
What, you don’t think this make any sense?
But that is what love is – NONSENSE!!

666 Devil in disguise is all we care about,
From the rooftops do we so shout!
‘Hear ye all, l am in love!’
Loud enough to be heard by 666 and the Lord above!

We all seek an apprenticeship in this maddening toil!
And then become bitterly upset when it is foiled!
Like what are we to expect, when we have been so foolish?
Falling in love with 666

Society should ban this terrible error!
With colourfully emblazoned banners ‘Beware the Terror!’
‘To fall in love is nothing but the ultimate sin!’
‘Greatest mistake you can ever be involved in!’

Yes folks, lead your life into the cynical,
Stay away from 666 and remain clinical!’
For to fall into the pit of arrogance,
Will ensure you eternally damning romance!

Keep your heart and head clear of this demon,
To do so and you will remain a freeman/woman!
666 only has one true and embittered goal,
Which is to ensnare your tortured soul!

Don’t become blinded by the Devil in disguise,
For you will soon unmask the hidden lies,
Keep away from this terrible folly,
Which goes against everything righteous and holy!

Doing so makes sure you avoid the bleeding heart,
Stop playing with the angels’ fortune cards!
If it is meant to happen,
Trust me it will, but forcing it is like entrapment!

You have been warned, you cannot say so,
But should you fall for 666, at least now you will know,
That you may be on the path to hell,
Love can stop so abruptly, not always so swell!
So love away with the Devil in disguise,
But just make sure you do so with open eyes!

© Rory Matier 2011

13 thoughts on “666 – I’m NOT Cynical … but,

    1. Thrilling — as in spooky thrilling or dramatic thrilling or cynical thrilling or just reality thrilling or just love actually thrilling in a cynical well known way kind of thrilling? You mean that …. kind of thrilling lol 🙂

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. We put so much emphasis on romantic relationships in the Western world, and yet the vast majority of the time they end in bitterness and anger. According to my societally imposed gender role, I’m also expected to pay for most dating-related expenses…which aren’t minimal! Why devote so much time and money to an endeavor that will almost certainly have an unhappy ending? It just makes no sense to me.

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