Dear Blog – 11.25 – 25/08/19

Rounding Up Assorted Unsorteds Sorted …ish!


You know how some weeks travel as planned, and there are those weeks that don’t? The weeks where upon at the start of the week, you have packed the suitcase for the journey, set off for your destination, arrived late and then the whole week seemingly just goes …









………. and you never seem to be able to unpack your bag, and that moment when you do, you realise the week is over and it’s pointless unpacking because you have to go back again?


My week has been a little like that … In essence it started to be like that following last Saturday when that swine tried removing an inordinate amount of cash from my bank and the bank security never saw it happening! It unsettled me to say the very least.

Sure l got all my money back and everything’s hunky dory, new improved security and new cards and what not, but it still doesn’t prevent you becoming slightly paranoid about your bank’s security checks and checking your bank account a few times a day!!

I have felt as if l have been in a limbo this week, sort of there but not there style. I have managed to get a lot of stuff sorted …ish, not everything l wanted to sort, but loads of other stuff that l didn’t think needed sorting was sorted! So a case of  assorted unassorteds sorted …ish!


I am behind my catching up again, curses, curses! I got caught up with my readership reading and then this week threw me out again – ha ha you are forever chasing your tails when blogging l feel – l still would love for someone to write the perfect How To Balance Your Reading Post with regards blogging!

It’s of course all about balancing acts isn’t it? Create your own content, live and attend to your life, attend to your daily chores be this family, work, study, socialising, charity, business, read other content and interact with your community. Very hard to balance all of that and still remain sane. But l have been working hard to try and achieve that elusive thing called balance, and l think this week alone with everything else going on, l have had to hyperfocus on that in order for me to move forwards.


Balancing my business studies, the blog and home life has proved somewhat awkward this week, plus with Suze being off unwell and worrying about her not wishing to slow down and take it easier for her has made me somewhat distracted and listening out for her activity noises … such as doing the gardening [when she shouldn’t be because it causes her to lose breath instantly], or suddenly hoovering, and the list goes on!  So my concentration levels has been a bit shot and my focus is in a bit of a shambles ha ha!

We were at her CT Scan yesterday, and have an appointment this Tuesday to see the specialist and then we have a more indepth series of Xray appointments to attend soon … but these are important and we need to do these things as a couple – l don’t want her thinking that she has to do any of this alone. It’s the first time in our time together as a couple that she has been really ill, whereas her previous relationship just basically left her to get on with her own health problems. So l guess Suze is not used to having a partner who does care. Considering we have been together well over six years, it shows she was pretty healthy – but she has given so much of herself to others that she has forgotten to look after herself as well and now here we are and she is completely run down and worn out.


Second appointment for the physio was last Wednesday and well l can say he worked me a number or two and l was damned painful after having my head twisted into 50 shades of owch and even more owch!! But despite recovery pain awarded by the exercises that last for a couple of days afterwards we seem to be achieving results and l have some more movement in my shoulder. It is good news for me because it means l can write for slightly longer periods than before. I lost my ability to write for longer periods last year and started to create more shorter content to adapt, but l no longer have the nagging pins and needles and sheer sheet pain in my right elbow to hand which made long content writing very hard indeed – so that’s a bonus.

me two

I know that Scrappy is pawing up another episode today at some point, her first in a few weeks, but as l am sure she will tell you she is taking a bit of a back seat from blogging on account of the fact that she sleeps for nearly 18 hours a day now which is to help keep her energy levels at a decent level.  The update on Scrappy is as follows … everything is still very much on her terms – we have found some real assistance with Cod Liver Oil under advisement from the vets due to Scrappy refusing the Calpol for medication has worked wonders to her.

Her cognative impairment is still present, it starts now around 7pm nightly and she is somewhat ‘buloo’ until around 10pm when she then retires for the night. But l am sure she’ll fill you in when she paws her next episode.


I have made a lot of changes to the blog – many of which l shall raise as posts in the next couple of weeks. Some of the older series have been dropped, and there are a lot of newer series coming on board from this month till next year. I am quite pleased with the way it’s going.


Study is keeping me seriously active and busy and l think l am making progress … think … maybe … again back to balance and  “Assorted Unsorteds Sorted …ish!”

Anyway,  that’s my round up for the week, thanks for reading.

Dear Blog ……

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17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 11.25 – 25/08/19

  1. Hope Suze gets better soon. I am happy that Scrappy is in a better place and will be writing soon. I have noticed that you have reduced your posts and there is more reposting. What other changes are there?

    1. Hey Sadje,

      With Suze we don’t know what the score is till we have a diagnosis for her, a time issue there l feel. Scrappy is slowing down and now has a very restricted day, but she will paw her episodes when she is able to, but apart from her one walk a day, sadly she cannot do much else anymore.

      Well l have always shared other blogger’s content, but l have slimmed that down from 6 a day to only 5 every 2 days. I reblog specific internal pieces of mine and no longer do more than 3 internal reblogs so the Greetings Post, a poetry and if one is active the 24-hour blog question or a question fun

      I very deliberately reduced my own content down to accommodate my studies and my reading of my readerships content. But now l literally only work to a specific writing schedule sequence 05 – 03 – 08 – 02 – 10 = 11 only as my daily guide or simply put 11 posts max a day to be made, but l have been travelling at between 7 – 9 most days for the last three weeks so l am very happy with that 😊

      But some of that structure is changing as l chase the O8 only post rule for the day, as in Original 8 post only, no daily reblogs of my own stuff and no overnight reblogs to the next day and then either 3 prompts [other bloggers] or 3 shares, always to never exceed 11 tops. I stopped posting content through the night and now my blogging day begins at 6am and finishes at Midnight that day. I am not working on the blog all that time, but that is how long the blog is active for 18 hours a day.

      As certain series have had to be dropped, others revamped and new series to start. But there is to be a post about it all soon enough – all of these are centred around time. As to other changes, that’s harder to explain because it is visible on the blog and not the Reader. As you know l only use blogs and not the reader, so l am more used to seeing changes in blogs rather than styles through the reader itself. Some of the top line up has changed

      1. I am planning to use my laptop for blogging when I go home next month. Then I will be able to see these changes clearly. Are you starting any more challenges? I am missing the ones you used to do.

        1. It’s all a question of time Sadje, ldon’t have a lot of free time anymore with the studying – but l do have some challenges coming up – not so much prompts as they took up huge amounts of time.

          But there are some writing prompts coming up, 24 hours question is a permanent feature, 321 is now back and Question Fun has finished its season, so a new style of question challenge is to be launched soon 🙂

          Of course there will be the seasonal challenges – but l seriously struggle with time to fit everything in these days – so have had to really sit down and think how l can make time work for me 🙂

          What challenges were/are you missing?

              1. 🙂 Some of the older question series are returning – mostly the Question challenges will return, the fiction challenge prompts never will. Mostly l love questions and quotes and films and music, so l tend to create around those lines 🙂

  2. I could offer up some advice about this – “l still would love for someone to write the perfect How To Balance Your Reading Post with regards blogging!” – since I’ve been in the blogosphere for a while-ish time, have been through some of the phases and stages which all newbies go through to become no longer newbies, have made mistakes and whatnot, and have experimented a lot, but I blog differently from you.

    You’re very focused on things which I don’t focus on with regards to blogging. I’ve learned that some of those… best not to focus your focus on them.

    You’re trying to please too many people (the ones you call your readership). In the blogosphere that’ll wear you out… much faster than that sort of thing wears you out in RL.

    Best I can do is say – take me off your list. It’s okay if you don’t visit my blog, read my posts. I enjoy following you and won’t unfollow you or unlike you just because you don’t read my posts or visit my blog. I’m totally serious.

    1. You have an ability Ursula with your written words to make one stop dead in their tracks and think.

      Your comment here is no different.

      I had a longer answer here, it wasn’t rude, but l have edited it, because l am thinking about what you have written.

      To a degree you are correct and yet not 100% but l can see how you would write what you have. But you have made me think in more ways than one.

      For that l thank you, not in so far as the ‘people pleaser side’ but the fact that you made me think on something l am working on.

  3. Well wishes for Suze and so happy Scrappy is resting up and will blog again. Hope you start feeling better with each appointment. There will never be enough time lol. Keep doing what your doing! I enjoy your blog so much!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Many thanks for the well wishes to Suze and Scrappy 🙂

      With regards physio, yes very much – still pains, but l am good knowing it means it is getting better.

      As to time – yes spot on, never enough time in the day ha ha and thank you 🙂

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