4 Paws Diary – Ep 44

Episode 44

4 Paws Diary

25th August 2019

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Cods Liver Boils!

Hey Gang,

I know what you are thinking “Doods! Why so long since your last episode?” Well there is good reason for that …. l am tired more these days and l value my sleep and relaxation times. Dad says l am asleep more than l am awake these days? i sat down to try and see if he was right or wrong about that?

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Awaken and try to wake Mummy up to tell her l am awake! I don’t bother with dad because l think most days he is dead in bed!


Finally Mummy gets up – l tell her l am also awake!


Go back to bed, happy that l have woken Mummy up!


I wake up again and tell Mummy l want my walk! Dad wakes up.


Mummy and dad are now awake and we walk. Mummy currently cannot walk me alone unless l am on ultra tiny lead because my walking is faster than her breathing.


Back from walk and have my breakfast and my peanut dong! Go for another wee.


Go back to bed and take my morning nap.

IMG_0020 (2)


Wake up and plod around to make sure the house is safe! Take a wee.


Safe in the knowledge house is safe and neither Mummy or dad are asleep l go back to bed for my afternoon nap.


Wake up and want my treat filled peanut Dong – Mummy and dad must think l am an imbecile! I know l used to go for a walk in the afternoon, but they try to fob me off with another peanut Dong – HEY!! It’s peanut butter afterall.


Tell Mummy and Dad l want my chicken and find they have already cooked my chicken that afternoon whilst l was sleeping – see, that’s a well run K9 household – they do stuff whilst you sleep.


I refuse to eat my chicken unless they are both present in the room as l now need an audience to watch me eat!

6.15pm – 9.30pm

Pace up and down the hallways, ask Mummy and dad for twenty wees, tell them l want more food and demand my audience times. Do not always eat, so they know l am still boss. Eat when l am ready, NOT when they would like me to!

9.30pm – 10.30pm

Try and convince Mummy to get ready for bed, as l am ready to retire for the night and want my Mummy to go to bed. I usually pace and ask for wees until she gets the message it’s bed time … l might also try to convince her l need more food that there is a good chance l’ll not eat but this is just a ploy to test her and make her tired like me!

10.30pm – 05.30am

I am asleep with Mummy in our room, unless l am acting ‘buloo or bat shit crazy’ as dad calls it?? Not sure what that means, but l pace a lot because l cannot get comfortable and l am old!

IMG_0018 (2)

So that’s my average day – dad says l am asleep for up to 18 hours a day and l have to say – dad is right – l now sleep more than being awake. Boy it sucks getting old l can tell you!! But a bit like Mummy at present who is not very well, and also takes small ‘power naps’ as she calls them l just don’t have the energy to be awake all day. I feel better for all my sleep too for the six hours l am awake. Of course some days l am NOT asleep for 18 hours, but l still take more rest than l used to, but that’s how l keep my energy levels up.

I look forwards to my morning walk so much and it’s great that l have Mummy and dad walking me, it gets dad out of the house for exercise!

But because l sleep a lot these days, l have very few adventures anymore and hardly go out because l know my legs are not that good anymore. I STILL have mad five minute moments and l love to run up and down the garden at top speed and it’s funny watching dad who suddenly looks horrified, but then l am absolutely pooped!!!!

I have asked dad if l can take a bit of a back seat to the blog, wishing to only just keep this series running as l am no longer up really late, so can’t do the Late Night Beats one. So 4 Paws Diary is the only series l do run now.

I stopped taking that dreadful medication Mummy and dad wanted me to take, and l guess after spitting it out a few times in their faces and laps they got the message and now l don’t get it any more. BUT, as l tried to tell them, with the fact l don’t have two walks anymore and loads of sleep, my legs don’t hurt as much as they did.


BUT, they replaced it with something called Cods Liver Boil!! Which sounds terrible for that poor, poor cod!!

l get a large teaspoon every day by advisement of my vet [most sensible thing she has ever allowed me to have] That makes my coat all shiny and it awards me lots of renewed energy. It’s in a bottle and they squirt it on my food using a syringe, and ooooooooh myyyyyyyyyy but that’s really yummy!! Now my legs don’t feel so bad anymore either – l think this cods liver boil is doing wonders for me, l think it helps me with my 5 minute spurts of energy too! I don’t get capsules like my picture shows as the vet said there was a problem with those and me, so l get the quality rich stuff in liquid form!!

So l had to look it up which is when l found out it is actually called Cod Liver Oil and has nothing to do with a cod having boils on its liver!! I found out all sorts of things on it”

There are soooooooo many benefits to this oil!!

It’s great for my joints – Tick!

It’s great for my arthritis – Tick!

It’s great for my coat – Tick!

It’s great for my skin – Tick!

It’s great for making me less stressed …. well yes..ish as dad would say. Of sorts.

It’s great for my Cardiac – Tick!

It’s great for improving my desire to eat – Tick!

If you are in doubt check this link out!

Anyway, sorry folks for not pawing to you all sooner, in my next episode l thought l would paw up about what dad calls my buloo! But l have told him l Googled it and it’s actually called Canine cognitive dysfunction – which makes it sound much nicer that ‘bat shit crazy!’


Thanks for reading folks, catch you all soon! So …

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

24 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 44

      1. We’re well thanks Scrappy. Although both of us, especially Ted, were very tired because of the hot weather. Hope it wasn’t too hot for you today. 🐶🐶 Molly and Teddy

  1. How many in dog years, Mz. Scrappy? I’m sorry to hear you get ‘buloo’ now and then. :'( but you have an awesome Mum and Dad, so I’m sure it’s not a problem! Take care dear girl! <3

  2. Aww, poor little Doodlepip! It’s not easy being her, but at least the cod liver boil sound like it will really help her. Such sweet pictures of her…I hope her and Suze start feeling better really, really soon! 😊

  3. Take it easy dear Scrappy! Naps helps to beauty too 😉
    Take care of Mummy and dad and make sure the house is all safe 😊
    I guess eating with an audience is pretty fun 😊

    1. Well currently madam is in the land of Zed – l have read that as dogs get older they feel the presence of their pack members whilst they eat is a safety measure for them to feel comfortable.

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