Working On Us – Week 12 – Self Care Routine

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Working On Us – Week 12 –

Self Care Routine

Beckie’s Mental Mess Weekly Prompt


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Prompt #1 Questions:

Were their signs of your self-care routine lacking before you were officially diagnosed with a mental illness/disorders?

Working on two diagnosis [DX] here – Bipolar in 2004 and Asperger’s Syndrome 2008 and Chronic Candida 2015.

It is reflective l think on what one is defining as a self care routine lacking pre DX’s. Not knowing there was something officially wrong for starters probably didn’t help my overall health – although l knew there were things afoot which seperated me from the others l didn’t alter any part of .

But because l didn’t know of either condition/disorder until the years of DX – l basically lived my life in a very carefree and nonchalant manner. I would only learn via the DX’s themselves that perhaps l could have helped myself out a bit more on the self care programmes with stress control and avoiding burnouts and meltdowns – but hey! All well and good telling you afterwards eh?

Did you (or) do you suffer from low self-esteem?

I think everyone at one point or another experiences bouts of low self esteem – l have experienced serious bouts throughout my life both pre and post DX. But l always have a way of boosting my positivity levels back up and landing on my feet again. When you are feeling unwell, everything takes a knock back, but equally so too does it when you are not in the knowledge of awareness of any hidden disabilities you might have.

Is there (or) have there been stages of guilt when not properly taking care of your self-care routine?

Is guilt the right word? I am not sure if l would use the word guilt – certainly not with the Bipolar or Aspergers, perhaps occasionally when with the Candida l had [in the early days of DX] rebelled against the guidelines and eaten what l shouldn’t have]. But not guilt, more of a ‘You are an asshole Matier!” emotions. Because my stomach has kicked off and being unwell drops you down a few stages.

(You can refrain from answering the next question if you wish to).  What was the longest period of time between taking a shower, and/or brushing your teeth?

Do you mean by choice or forced environmental factors? I guess you must mean the former – perhaps a day, on the latter – the caravan hell days forced me to adapt to not being able to bathe properly due to the restrictive functions of facilities and sometimes it might have been a week, but again l adapted and either wet wiped or used a kettle of hot water and a jug. But l can’t stand not bathing.

If you are supposed to be going out for whatever occasion, are you concerned with your over-all appearance?  (Or) Do you take care of your self-care needs before leaving the house?

Very reflective upon the occasion l think – however if you are walking the dog you don’t need to step out looking like an Adonis, but if you are going out somewhere special or nice then yes l need to ensure that all needs are addressed – but also this answer will differ greatly depending your mental state as well.

In previous years when depression was high, l looked like some kind of grunge bucket! But l was always conscious of keeping the basic hygiene needs in place – l just wasn’t overly bothered about how l looked in appearance.

These days l tend to take pride in my appearance not to be confused with vanity as l have never been vain, but there is looking smart and then there is not looking anything. Even in the house now, not going anywhere l am trying to break the habit of wearing the same thing everyday – but l think that is very much an Asperger’s/Autism thing.

If going out with Suze l want to look like my best version of myself and have no wish to cause her any discomfort with me looking scruffier than l need to –  Suze is not demanding, but again l think that when your mental state is healthier, higher confidence, self esteem and awareness of you, then you make more of an effort to look more positive and confident.

What advice can you give to someone who is having difficulty with their self-care routine?  (Note: If someone was to ask for your advice, what would you share with them?)

Mm, well of course that is reflective per individual … 

Don’t set yourself impossible and unachievable personal targets – be realistic with what you think can cope with.

Think baby steps.

Only ever do what YOU are comfortable with.

Eat to your own timetable, not to the expectations of others.

Be mindful of your sleep pattern – try and establish a comfortable routine for you and one that you can adhere to.

Remember to take time out each and every day for your re-energised booster

Remember to move – as in exercise to be mindful of your physical health – sometimes so much time can be lost by not knowing how long you are sitting around doing nothing.

Take a small walk outside of the house or the workplace and smell the air, feel the sun or just the ambience of being outside.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself your emotions – as in don’t bottle them up and most certainly never be ashamed of your feelings – don’t feel guilty for being you, down or depressed – accept it is part of life – but try not to dwell on it.

Be honest with how you are feeling and don’t hide those feelings from you and pretend they are not there.

Self promote you with positivity – I AM AMAZING, I AM BEAUTIFUL etc.

Have a declutter of your house or work space – nice clean space is a nice clear mind.

If able take a nice relaxing hot bath or shower

Listen to music or an audiobook for chill out time – you could take time out to listen to a positive podcast.

Research into a new hobby or past time – something that allows your mind to focus on the task at hand.

… a few ideas.

Prompt #2 Photo:


Describe for us what or how you feel when you see this picture?

I see someone who is overwhelmed and wants the world to stop spinning so they can get off. Something l feel sure many of us can relate to many a time and for some sadly … daily.


12 thoughts on “Working On Us – Week 12 – Self Care Routine

  1. Rory, Thank you so much for being a part of “Working on Us” – I really enjoyed reading your answers, but I think it’s the advice part that touched me. You would make an awesome therapist or peer group leader. Your advice was truly compassionate.
    God Bless You! 💚🙌 🙏

  2. This is a very relatable topic. I don’t suffer from depression but have had a couple of episodes of it. You have shared very useful tips.

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