What is Something You’re Certain You’ll Never …?

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What is Something You’re Certain You’ll Never Experience or Do?

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When l was younger, my parents were very keen to tell me … no ‘instruct’ me  of things l would never do or experience! They were adamant that l would never explore, discover, adventure, create, indulge in as an individual … and their lists of ‘You’ll never do, you’ll never experience and also ‘you should never do” just went on and on ….

For many years l believed them … well l should add, whilst l was a youngster living with my parents … as l approached my teenager and young adult years, l pushed the lists of “You’ll never do ….” To one side and started to really dig deep into the things that they said l would never experience or discover and had one hell of a journey achieving lots of stuff, sampling new experiences along the way ….. l have done more than many people and still l have things l want to do. Of course l am older now and some things l wanted to do when younger are no longer applicable and that’s not being ageist to myself – just realistic – l am all too aware of my own limitations now.

Some things l’ll never do now let alone experience are things l didn’t have a passion for when younger such as …

Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly stable aircraft just to parachute down to the ground? Nor do l have any enthusiasm to bungee jump off a bridge … l just have a lot of experience with seriously bad luck and whilst many a time l land on my feet, that’s one thing to do that wouldn’t be good luck under any circumstance ….

I am sure there are many others l wouldn’t want to experience now, because an older man’s logic says ……….. nah!

But l still have a very naughty mischievous mind at times and do wonder on the odd occasion how far l could push my luck …. however, this question isn’t aimed at me, but you… so,

What is Something You’re Certain You’ll Never Experience or Do?

Let me know below in the comments section, cheers Rory

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19 thoughts on “What is Something You’re Certain You’ll Never …?

    1. There is too many things to list…but since becoming disabled, I’ve gained a new perspective. The things I’ve never done before, I would love to see if they are still possible but find out how I would need to adapt to them.

  1. You can’t know until you’ve been put to the test. People think they know, but they don’t. History proves otherwise. It’s amazing how terrible people will act to survive and how quickly they will descend to it. Not all people of course ~ some will choose death. Which are you? Which am I? I don’t know. Do you?

  2. I’ll never stop looking for love, laughter and kindness. I’ll never stop learning new things. I’ll never stop believing I have the key to my own happiness.

    How’s that for some sappy (but true) shite?

  3. So you meet my no no no never parents hay 😜, I’m afraid that list is reather long but I hope I’m wrong about a few things.


  4. Okay my previous statement about being able to comment without hoops was wrong. It apparently was a one-off. Crud. Anyway to answer your question:

    What is Something You’re Certain You’ll Never Experience or Do?

    There are so many things that the question could apply to. It depends on how one looks at it, I suppose.

    I’m too old now to do a lot of things I once thought I might. For instance have children. That ship sailed. I’m not that unhappy about it either, but it’s a definite missed opportunity that had a time frame.

    Sky dive. Because I thought it would be fun to do and I didn’t have the height phobia that I do now. I can’t physically EVER sky dive now. Replacing my hip joints and knees would be way over my budget for one thing.

    Get married (again). I’ll NEVER do that again. This one is a case of once bitten, twice shy. And I’m a shitty wife. So why would I?

    Those three are but a small sampling of things I’ll never do.

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