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Memories from the caravan days …. 2011

Jinxed or what?

Is it just me? Surely, it can’t just be me?

Are the gadgets of the house against me?? So the remote was playing up it wouldn’t change the channels, l took out the batteries, put the batteries back in, now it changes the channels, but the volume control has gone? So l take out the batteries again and then they go back in, l have volume control and channel changing , but no off function??

Why me??

My phone started playing silly sods, huge long running whine every time l switched on, so l switched off, took out the battery, shivvied it around a bit, put them back in, now it doesn’t switch on??

Why me??

My computer has gone into panic mode!  It wants to run a scan every time l go to the Internet! It spends all day scanning!

Why me??

Spiders have run amok over the caravan when they harvest their fields, l catch them and put them outside and the very next day they are back and invited their bigger and way uglier cousins and invited all their buddies to set up house!

Dust seems to be working in cahoots with the spiders as there is at least an inch on all surfaces – despite being dusted twice daily!!?

Why me??

My toilets blocked again, but it’s NOT my stuff coming up, it is from next door!!?

Why me??

Rory Matier


Accidents, try to change them – it’s impossible. The accidental reveals man.

J. B. Priestley

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25 thoughts on “Random Quotes 399#

  1. LMAO! I feel like I having one of those days myself. “Why me?” I’ve been running behind the eight ball all day. It started when I woke up my roommate, and it’s been downhill ever since. She took up too much of time this morning, along with my PC needing updates that last 2 hours. I’ve dusted, and low and behold… it’s back.
    I’ve wanted to write and read today… but barely any luck in that department as well. LOL!
    Looking forward to tomorrow, where I get a fresh start. Whoa! I’m exhausted just writing this much! LOL! 😂 🤣

    Loved you piece by the way… Made me laugh so hard.

        1. Well l have been running the newest schedule in this week Cheryl, which means l have been writing less, and so far it’s working really well – next week, it should be a sealed deal. But this weekend l am planning on playing catch up blog reading 🙂

          Have a terrific weekend also 🙂

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