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Snifty Pen Travels

I use these pens all the time, they write great and they smell fantastic. The scent lives longer than the ink. These are a black ink pen.

That’s right this is a full five set of scented pens from Snifty.

If interested then all you need to do is the following …. email me at the address below:

Title your email ‘Free Snifty Pens Please’, Inside the email say a quick hello and supply me with an address that you want the pens ‘scent’ to and voila – l will pack them up and send them to you. It doesn’t cost you anything, l cover the postage.

The Snifty Pen Story


Some of my readers already know the history to these pens and why l have them, many do not. When l receive emails from readers requesting the pens, they say “Thank you what a great idea and way to have these pens tested”. These pens are not being tested. Snifty is an established brand based in the United States. The pens l have are ‘promotional pens’.

I ordered just under 1000 of these pens back in 2015 – at the time l paid £700 for my 900 quantity. I was in the process of launching a new business called Classic Eggshell Moments, this name should ring a bell with some of you especially if you read myTopical Posts’ series, where the designs for Classic Eggshell Moments are displayed. My business was to be a Tee Shirt + Fashion online business using a retailer based in the Isle of Wight which specialised in environmental clothing otherwise known as ‘eco-wear’. Fashion made from Bamboo products.

One of the features they offered to new clients was the inclusion of promotional goods from their client’s business to their branded products. In other words, my designs were printed onto their organic tee shirts, they would ship them off to the buyers and they would insert my promotional goodies free of charge alongside my ordered designs. Great l thought when l read this. So l ordered my 900 Snifty pens to be part of my promotional freebies to my buyers of the tee shirts.

However that did not travel to plan, due to the Isle of Wight company running behind the launch of their business by a year and when they did launch, they no longer had this concept, it had vanished and so l was then stuck with 900 assorted scented Snifty pens. Suze and l could use a few but no where near 900 privately and more so as these pens have a relatively good lifespan to them with not just the ink, but the scent too.

Last year when l was running competitions in the blog l offered these as prizes. Not everyone wanted them as prizes and also l recently dropped the monthly competitions, so l decided to give them away. When you request these pens from me, l cover the postage and the packaging – l do not expect anything for it.

On the side of the pen is the name of what my business was at the time  which should redirect you to my blog here.

Once the pens have expired and we are not yet there, l will be ordering a new promotional giveaway gift to support the blog and at that point the new gift will be branded with the blogs name.

So there we go , the history behind the pens.

My designs are still available but only through Redbubble these days.

Thanks for reading.


The five scents are:

Vanilla Cupcake


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tropical Fruit Punch


Check out where our pens have travelled to so far!!

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