Season of Discontent


Season of Discontent

A sunny start to the day again,
Warm radiances with a gentle breeze,
Autumnal shades cover the fen,
Winters’ weather beckons release,
Morning grasses again dusted with dew,
Summer colours fading beneath subdued hues,
Awaiting the arrival of autumn with pleasure,
‘Tis truly the season l treasure,
Mother Nature at her honest best,
Lands calming before winters’ guest,
Tumbling leaves rest upon ground,
Darkened layers creating mounds,
Beneath their summer hosts,
Till winds scatter them to lost,
Russet browns and dying gold’s,
Winters approach as is foretold,
Trees soon to starker and to bare,
Preparing for the cold of wintry glare,
Rich grounds pitiful in their lament,
As we await the season of discontent.

© Rory Matier 2019

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