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I Just Wanted To Say

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I am NOT going to state the obvious, l am not, l point blank refuse to acknowledge to all Today what Today actually is, because – well you know!

So Today let’s just celebrate that Today is not The You Know What Today Is Day but ….


Have fun celebrating The F!!


The Positivity Poke

[If you need poking, ask a friend to assist!]


“The creative adult is the child who survived.”

Ursula Leguin


Always remember …. we are all a blank canvas till we inspire ourselves to colour in our life!

You know it’s kind of funny that if we say F Rocks it looks like Frocks!

Rory Matier

Top Five Tracks/Albums


A Guy Called Bloke Banner Top Five Tracks Dedication Dirrectory JPEG

Top 5 Tracks is just that – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays only   – let me know in the comments section below what tracks/albums you would like to hear. Let me know what you would like to hear from your favourite artist – five different artist requests from five different readers.

Put Some Zesty Bounce into Your Creativity  Day!!

So What’s Going to Put the Bounce into Your Day??

Let me know below when you stop by to say hey Hello!

Be good to have a Salsa Day?

go dark


August 26

Yellow Bus Countdown!


It’s so close now Grandma, you can smell the diesel!!

03 Days Today!!!


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  1. New bus graphic, great big 3, l’air de diesel… I’m ready, ready, READY!

    I hope you’re enjoying your…well, evening now. I’m late plugging in today. Chaotic morning…3 days, 3 days, 3 days

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