Flesh Like Candy

Flesh Like Candy

Even as a younger man, always have l had a sweet tooth,
Be this is the form of delicacies of confectionery,
Or other nectars and juices of alcohol like the vermouths,
But it has to be said now as old as l am, that the beauty,

Of a women’s’ flesh is indeed the sweetest bounty,
I have ever come across and will continue to cherish,
From the curves of their breasts to the delectable soft belly,
To their inner thighs and beyond, can l always languish!

And like the sweetest of candies oh do l so desire,
Nothing quite compares to the jiggles and bounce,
Of their flesh when heated from the alighted yet hidden fire,
When awakened do their fruits hotly announce,

Their own longings to be savoured and consumed,
Slowly or fast it matters quite not at that point,
Just take them, devour them till they truly blossom,
And their heated chocolate starts to anoint,

Your passions for sugar coated pleasures,
That melts upon your tongue and slides down your throat,
Sweets like this and available in good measure,
Always wins me over and completes my vote,

For nothing beats my cravings or makes me more randy,
Than seeing the beautiful shape of the warm,
Sexually arousing flesh like candy,
Of the appetizing naked female form!

The keeper has chosen to enrich their life with another,
As such, your responsibility is simple and not cryptic,
Enrich theirs as they do yours and not make it bleaker,
But do vow always to be more beautifully artistic!

Β© Rory Matier 2019

10 thoughts on “Flesh Like Candy

        1. Well l am sure you like some candy in the morning Poddy, l certainly do. In fact l could eat candy all day – so nobblies to those who say candy is bad for us!!


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