In Your Opinion, What Do You Consider To Be …. ?

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In Your Opinion, What Do You Consider To Be The Top Five Environmental Problems Our World is Facing Today?

Quite a broad question perhaps given just how many leading environmental issues our world is actually facing today –  that aside – in your eyes which do you personally believe are the main five?

Climate danger and global warming are huge topical issues at present, there is no denying the changing and erratic seasons we are all experiencing internationally, there is further no denying that the world is not just warming up, but heating up – we have caused this. We have awarded the planet so many challenges in our quests for advancement and ‘progression’, that we have created untold and perhaps irretrievable damage for the generations who follow us – principally they have to clean up our messes.

Unless action is taken and fast, then environmentally speaking this planet is heading for a catastrophic disaster on a global scale … so in your opinion, of the many problems afoot, which are the top five in your eyes?

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20 thoughts on “In Your Opinion, What Do You Consider To Be …. ?

  1. Environmental pollution, racism, political incompetence, wasting water resources and overbuying and ultimately wasting our planetary resources.

  2. I think the biggest problem comes from the climate change deniers. Hard to make changes when there are people who don’t believe in science heading up countries.

    1. Oh yeah, 100% behind that totally Ashley!

      The deniers are indeed one of the biggest problems we face – l have met many , l have read blogs concerning deniability as well – l am astonished at how at this stage of the game we still have deniers?

      When l first became very active with regards environmental, my prime concern amongst many back in the later 90’s was ‘just accepting ‘ how many deniers there were and by this l mean, l could understand why people couldn’t forward think to serious perils in the 90’s – but that is twenty plus years ago.

      When l became 100% dedicated to preservation of flora and fauna in the early years of the millenum, l was not so accepting of the deniers as it was becoming starkly obvious the world was in a serious shitty situation! Yet still they denied.

      Right and now where we are a stone’s throw away from 2020 when science has made astonishing leaps and bounds in ‘progression’ on these very topics, when the absolutely bloody and painful facts stare at society in the face ……. HOW THE Fudge can they still deny the perils??

  3. Renewable energy

    Protection of flora & fauna

    Reducing waste (there are plastic fibers in our atmosphere, coming down in the rain FFS)

    Clean up the messes we’ve already made (a floating island of plastic in the ocean????)

    voluntary population control

    They all mean living in harmony with our Mother 🌎 instead of using and abusing her.

  4. Climate is an obvious mess, Strict gun control, Crooked politicians, Health Care (or) lack thereof, We need to bring back “Human” in Humanity towards one another. Our society issues are mounting and not getting any better.

  5. 1. Donald Trump
    2. Mitch McConnell
    3. Climate change deniers
    4. The fossil fuel companies (coal, oil, gas)
    5. Most Republicans

  6. Definitely global warming is something that this world need urgently to consider!
    I think another environmental problem in this world is plastic usage! Please people! Stop using and wasting plastic! Every time I buy groceries they sell me plastic! A lot of plastic! Everything is wrapped in plastic! Why?
    Another issue is that people don’t respect nature! It is so sad to go somewhere in the nature and find garbage 🙁
    The waters! People are throwing everything in the rivers! Why?
    Have some respect for this wonderful nature that keeps us alive and feed us!

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