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Old office set up not conducive to clear thought.

A small sub series in The Positive Brain dealing exclusively with ‘Decluttering the Aspie’.

3 Reasons You Should Clean-Up Your Work Space Right Now

I am not a terribly disorganised person, l am quite methodical in my approach to things, but l knew that when l moved from larger and spacious office space to the smaller l would need to be more organised than ever!

The room l was originally in measured around 15 feet in length by 12 feet across and l have moved into a space that is literally half of that. I didn’t utilise all of the original space as was, so l knew the switch wouldn’t be that difficult – it would mean simply mentally adapting to cubicle space.

One way to organize your thoughts is to tidy up, even if it’s in places where it makes no sense at all.

Ursus Wehrli

There were lots of changes to be made as well. I used to have a six foot desk which was just too much and not 100% functional as a caddy, now l have 4 foot desk with a couple of side accessories like a cabinet and a smaller side table. I did originally have a smaller chair, but it wasn’t right for my posture so l opted for a bigger gamer chair as l spend a lot of hours sitting down and staring at screens, l needed to be comfortable.

My old computer was a gamer’s rig and whilst l knew it could cope perfectly well and beyond with all the new demands l have planned in for the next year, it wasn’t right as it was an absolute dust magnet and so that had to go and be replaced with a much slimmer model with a closed case, which was achieved with a nice new HP model.


Stage 1 of the transition.

In the new move l opted for as little hardwiring as possible and so went wireless.

Having worked from home in one format or another since 1998, l no longer have the corporate office mindset, but l have developed bad habits along the way – these needed to be tossed out the window and newer features had to be implemented. I had become somewhat lackadaisical – but needed to become more hyperfocused than l had been for many years.

I have recently started several professional online courses with two prime objectives 1] to establish an online trading business that will effectively become a joint business for both Suze and myself for our future and 2] l made a decision six weeks ago to retrain on becoming a Life Coach. I used to be a professional motivation trainer back in the late eighties and early nineties – but of course back then l was in my twenties to thirties and a lot of life has passed between those two points since, so l have opted to start from the bottom again.

Additionally, l wanted to continue to maintain my blog as that is important to me in not just my personal life but equally in my forward professional capacity. It awards me balance. With the reintroduction of Life Coach training into my life, the blog is an absolute trove for me as l have a relationship with my readership which is my community and when training for this particular profession you still need to be surrounded by people who have opinions and viewpoints.


Achieving the equilibrium between personal and professional has always been hard for me as l am constantly living a life without a moderation button and this needed to change. One of the first major moves for me was to restrict my free flowing thinking a little, not hinder my creativity, but allow for a defined efficiency to develop.

My office space is slowly starting to take shape, and over the course of this mini series l will display more images, but my first port of call was to really ensure that my immediate working space mindset was functional.

I have OCD, which is not fun. I have to be incredibly tidy and organized or it messes with my mind and switches off on me.

Charlize Theron

It needed to be clear of distraction and mess. The huge television screen was the first to be removed as this instantly prevented me from tuning into Netflix whilst working, now l listen to music from the time l start my day to the time that l stop. It’s more refreshing and and creative. Music is a marvelous tool for aiding your concentration as well as boosting your motivation levels. It’s brilliant for increasing your productivity and energising your focus and hyperfocus.

One thing that stays pretty consistent for all my jobs is, I listen to a lot of music while I’m working.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Scientific studies have proven that music helps to reduce stress, anxiety and overall negativity in the brain. Music impacts us in a 100% positive way! Our minds are both reflective and responsive to what we listen to!  l listen to a constant stream of energetic and bouncy beats from electronic like the above video to more hardcore heavy metal or house beat, rave, trance and anything literally that has a strong pulse.

4 Benefits of Listening to Music in the Workplace

It hasn’t been that hard for me to shift my mindset back into a RE – organised brain, but it still needed to be done. l don’t use a laptop or an iPad, or a Smart Phone for my blogging, l use a full on desktop rig as my prime go to. I am not on the move as many others are, l work from home, l blog from home and so the office space needed to reflect that in a smooth efficient manner. It also needed to be able to allow for newer blog features to be introduced in the future such as Podcasting and Vlogging.

However as l was going to be involved in an incredible amount of study for most of this year with additional courses next year for the Life Coaching as well as researching and launching a trader’s business and maintaining the blog and working to achieve the new series l have planned in – l had to be 100% organised physically, emotionally and mentally.

Perfectionism and procrastination have such a fine line. You say, ‘Well, I want it to be good. I want it to be perfect.’ But what you’re really doing is not doing your work. You’re putting off showing up and being visible because then you’re going to be judged, and it might suck.
Jen Sincero

Many people don’t like to live by a set of organised habits and l get that, however the reason l had to really up my game is that my mind on an average day travels at 100 miles an hour, and l am more prone to distraction than l ever used to be, so l needed to revamp my concentration levels to a higher level.

Studying two different course structures and layouts, remembering the blog schedule as well as working with the designs in the current merchandise shop and introducing two new merchandise collections, l had to be super organised and distraction free.


Tidying up the Aspie Brain!

I will go into all of these points in finer detail as the mini – series progresses.

1] Dreaming The Why’s into Reality!

Visualise my life in the next 12, 24 and 60 months – where did l wish to see myself? Where did l want to see the life that Suze and l were going to live? I knew l needed a series of objectives to work to.

2] Go to Lists and Action Plans

I reintroduced to my life daily action plans  for the business and prep study plans for the blog.

3] Job Well Done!

Quite recently something critical happened in my life that caused a huge awakening in my brain, the epiphany as l called it, and l think it was one of the last pieces of this new puzzle that l needed to see. I decided to not treat it as a negative but turn it around to the positive and prioritive ass kick it was.

Basically it was a reminder at to WHY l am taking on board the study and training- the Universe was giving me a headsup …

Life is too short to be all work, you have to remember to enjoy it!’

4] Stop the Bullshit!

Adopting much healthier attitudes to a working ethic and to stop procrastinating.

5] Miscellaneous is a big NO!

It is all too easy to place those odd objects into a box or a file and label it under this banner – the brain needed to understand that ‘miscellaneous’ was no longer an acceptable go to!

6] Nukem Not Shift Them!

One of the big rules of decluttering l have introduced.

7] J to J

Quite new to me as a concept but to journalise the whole process.

8] Think Smart = Smarter Thinking

Something l struggle with and that is to look after myself and my health, both mentally and physically.

9] Work Smarter With Time

One of the problems working for yourself from home is, that bad habits can start really quickly and most of them are Time Orientated. So having a scheduler to work from is an absolute must especially if you are focusing on dailies. By prioritising your time more effectively you have more optimum motivation to actually achieving them.

Equally, and an absolute priority is setting your work day hours – recently l refocused on my daily hours and set a new five day 12 hour work window which would then be divided between all of my priorities, blog, merchandise, business and training. I decided that l would take a couple of Lazy Days on the weekend for either slower time, catch up with reading or days off as was needed.

With a routine l could finally say “Right you are going to start at x time and finish at x time!” The time afterwards is your free time. But with a focused work routine it means you are developing finer standards for your mind to adapt to and adopt.

10] The Inner You!

Knowing who you are and what you can achieve works wonders – but getting to know you is sometimes more difficult than you think?

11] Inner Organising The Box of Tricks.

I started to really focus on what the expectations were for my computer rig and then started to implement them. More Inner Organisation next episode.

12] Grounding Your Zone

It’s important for me to be able to surround my space with familiar objects, to reflect who l am and for me to not forget me in the whole process. Trust me, this can happen. Having objects to help me think, create, inspire and motivate means less distraction.


Anyway, thanks for reading the Introduction, part 1 soon.

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Now, how about you? How organised are you with regards your day?

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry – The Positive Brain

  1. For myself I like a basic structure with lots of wiggle room. I want to be able to stay in bed all day with a book if that’s how I feel when I wake up. Ben makes life unpredictable too. I have to go with *his* flow, which doesnt always match mine, so I need to stay loose.

    I was very very organized when I still worked. I had a lot things I had to do in immediate time so organization was important. I can still summon up that organizational skill when needed, so that’s good.

  2. Good going Rory! Would like to see the final finished product, i-e your work space! Organized thinking and working save lot of time and effort. I am organized to the extent where I have set myself some time limits. Other than that I am a free spirit.

    1. Hey Sadje – thanks – the office is just being finalised once it’s done l show the transition photos – l know mine looks pretty fixed, it isn’t all that bad, l too have some flexibility in situ, but l think sadly l have to loosen that doen somewhat as my free spirit was stopping me from getting on 🙂

        1. I don’t understand why Melanie cannot respond to my posts? I haven’t altered anything in my settings since the first time she experienced it, l turned off all protective settings that could have prevented her from answering … l really don’t get it.

          But thank you will check this out.

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