How to do you feel about hard sales advertising??

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How to do you feel about hard sales advertising??

Over the last few weeks, l have been actively engaged in webinar watching on the topic of “Sales through social media”. In some ways l feel like l have stepped back into the 80’s  the only difference being that now all the rage is digital product advertising.

I don’t know about you, but l am sick to the back teeth with uncontrolled advertising – it seems that everywhere we go now online we are followed by an advertising cult!

The truth is, and this is coming from an old advertising man, l like to see good quality advertising, but l cannot stand shite, and there seems to be non stop shite out there on the web. Also, l am firm believer in more subtle marketing and not a huge follower of  the commonly overused aggressive advertising techniques we see many a time today.

Carefully controlled and well placed advertising l think is fine bordering almost on an art form,  allowing the buyers an option to view or not view – l still believe that buyers should have the rights to choice of whether they view something or not.  They decide whether they want to buy or not, and they should not or ever be hard sold to – whatever the method.

I think too much advertising is overwhelming and detrimental to the overall buying experience. We are now in an age where we are targeted at times by our own devices. We see something and suddenly low and behold everything we look at is orientated by pop ups for this, that and the other!

Everything these days is hard sell. The ‘guru’s’ l watch online inform me they have made countless gross millions through sales via this method, that method and so on, but the one thing they are selling to you is not their so called fantastic products that made them millions, no!  They are all into training you now on an old system that is well worn down because every sod and their dog is doing it anyway! Instead of them making money with the product that made them their money, they only want to train people to buy the products that are now sold by everyone else – hardly bloody original.

They are selling you on the idea that YOU Too can become a millionaire if you just apply these ‘steps’.

In the process of deciding which market l wanted to establish a business on in the first place l watched these webinars … seriously bad move! I haven’t watched a new one in well over a week and these ‘guru’s are still hard selling me on the Golden Egg opportunity via email!

As it is , l am going to start a business on Amazon, it’s not so much in your face – my job principally is to make products look effective on that platform and l can live with that! There is no hard sales talk being pushed down the throat of a buyer! They either want those products or they don’t!

I don’t like this new method of aggressive sales. I am a person who if buying from whoever, has an idea of what l want already, view certain shops online and then do a bit of price comparison and Milly’s your aunt, l make a purchase – job’s a good un!

I am hardly ever influenced by online advertising unless it is specifically something  l HAPPEN to be looking for at the same moment in time.  I can’t abide pop-ups and find them insultive, invasive and intrusive and never mind a complete waste of my time.

I also seriously detest those adverts that don’t even have the decency to let me switch them off. I see a lot of those each and every day as they interupt my music listening!

If l am on a site that has too much advertising l simply close the page and move on and worse than that is basically what amounts to seriously bad advertising – where on earth do some of these sellers actually buy their campaigns from?? Are they deliberately trying to be insulting to the viewers – is it their sole duty in life to make dumb adverts? Do people really respond to dumb advertising??

However l could write on this personal pet peeve all night and still not ask my questions so,

“How do you feel about hard sales advertising?” & “Do you find yourself influenced by it or turned off?”

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29 thoughts on “How to do you feel about hard sales advertising??

  1. Detest the hard sale! I am LESS likely to EVER buy from a person or company that pushes at me.
    I don’t mind the occasional ad. I’ve seen some interesting things that I’ve considered buying.

    I do read product reviews too. Word of mouth, or good reviews, are the best advertising.

    1. Hey Grandma, exactly – although l rarely use reviews – Suze is big on those, but at times one can get stalled by reviews – l saw her the other day get stalled and stumped on the reviews and l just told her to switch back to her gut instinct.

      1. I use them mostly for clothing. Like is the expected fit larger or smaller? Is the quality good? That kind of thing.
        Trusting your instincts is definitely the best way to go.

  2. I understand that there have to be ads. But I can’t stand gross medical ads and it’s why I paid for a WP plan. All those swollen legs and inflamed colons and warts and whatever else… just BARF! What happened to good taste? Ads for nice clothes or jewelry or books? Even cars, computers, or stuff I can’t afford… but not disgusting medical problems.

    The other issue is the news. It’s so loaded with ads and links and garbage that half the time articles won’t even load properly and I won’t wait. If the ads slow the connection so much that the reader refuses to deal with the site, then that’s not a mark of success!

    1. Hey Paula, oh my l actually know what you mean!! I saw one the other day about a puss filled ziT! I was so dumbfounded by the advert l watched it and afterwards ran to the toilet practically throwing up!! Burn those adverts l say!!

      Like you l understand the need for advertising, but not to the degree it’s at now.

  3. I get that companies need ads. I get it, I do. BUT, I hate them. I won’t click on them online, I won’t speak to salespeople on the phone. I hate when sales people come up to me and follow me around. I hate emails telling me all about some wonderful new product that i could not care less about.

    1. Hey Suze totally agree with you, l know we ‘need’ advertising but now it’s too aggressive and it’s treating people like they are imbeciles. People have had enough of this style.

  4. hate them, won’t use them to buy.
    And they don’t work from the other end (to sell), either. The guru who sells the ‘course’ or whatever is the one making money, not the one paying for the advertising.
    Some advertising campaigns can show an uptick, but that uptick is limited to the time of the ‘free for limited time’ event. Pirates sail those waters, waiting to board your ship and steal the contents.

    From what I see and hear (from those I know who are writers), these mass marketing, heavy sell campaigns are a cost that bears no return because people HATE being bombarded with over the top, aggressive shite.

    1. Hey Cage 🙂

      You are right’ the guru’s are the ones that make the huge profits, what l dont understand is how people don’t get it? I watched a load of these webinars in truth because l was curious, prior to that first week l had never watched a sales webinar!!

      So l watched it, fell asleep during two, and switched off and despite NOT buying anything for a full week they all sent me email after email after email, and this was from watching a so called ‘free webinar!!’

      1. Tactic – pester, pester, pester. It works for them because the lie about ‘advertise or die’ is their bottom line – they die if you don’t pay for their advertising.
        A lot of the ‘follower’ numbers they use aren’t real accounts, so it’s another case of ‘buyer beware’.

  5. I can’t stand overly pushy advertising, and like you I will leave a website because there’s too much advertising. I was just setting up my Google AdSense account this morning and I like that they give you a lot of freedom to be sensible about what kind of ads you’re willing to allow. Restraint is definitely a good thing when it comes to advertising.

  6. I understand that companies have to find all means to advertise, but I find myself overlooking a majority of it by skipping right over it. When it comes to people and their blogs, I’m reading the content of the blog… I barely even acknowledge the ads.

  7. I completely agree with you Rory! I do like to see nice advertising but I also want the option to not see it 😊
    And is so true! These guru that makes a lot of millions never sell you their product just how to do it! Yes, right!
    Recently I have started my let’s so call it business…I have opened a store on Shopify. Honestly I’m very bad in business because I’m not promoting myself! I’m even not able to promote it to my fellow bloggers 😅😅 what hard sales advertising 😂🤪
    Wish you all he best with the new business on amazon! How do you plan to promote it? Let me know how it goes! 😊

    1. Hey Ribana, ah a Shopify account, l saw a webinar on one of those very recently – they have some pretty decent tutorials, but they do rely heavily upon using other platforms for the sales to work.

  8. Totally agree Rory. I have always hated pushy sale people and have walked out on some. The ads are equally as bad and if a site has to much advertising I will leave and not return.

  9. I agree with you. I prefer the subtle approach. Ads that aren’t in your face. Ads that have a sense of humour. I don’t like sales ideas that aren’t “make millions, pay me to tell you how” which as you say are just ways for them to make money from you! If a sales assistant in a real world store just says “hi” or “let me know if you need anything” that’s acceptable, I usually want to browse in peace. If they run over and start asking what you’re looking for it’s off putting and I’m likely to leave the store.
    Some sites are practically unusable without an ad blocker with so many ads and popups that the page grinds to a halt!

    I hope we hear more about your business, it sounds like a good idea 😀

    1. Hey Dee,

      Yes exactly, in your face sales assistance is the last thing any one of us need 🙂

      Subtle advertising and selling is way more effective 🙂

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