Broken Tear


Broken Tear

Some have no problems with causing a rift,
Falling in love easily, then breaking with a split,

Leaving emotional debris scattered everywhere,
Mind, body and soul all victims of a broken tear,

Causing such internal tormenting, is a hell of a sin!
Yet to some it‘s easy, and they walk away not fretting,

Casting aside the innocent of such misbehaviours,
Left hopelessly picking up love lost pieces of no flavour,

Loving someone demands such moral dedication,
Once gone wrong however, it deprives you of further motivation,

Inspiring unloved ones to become overly cynical,
Of ever loving someone new, making them incredibly clinical,

Untrusting of potentially new romantically inclined hearts,
Whom approach with genuine interest, and a hopeful spark!

Are soon painfully brought into overbearing awareness,
Of an unloved ones’ mental anguish and mess!

Never is it easy, picking up and recovering from the fall,
And there is no denying that it is, a long emotional haul!

Sadly love comes and goes for many hapless souls, it’s unfair,
Yet true, romantic depravation is a common abusing stain to bare,

However each new day, brings with it new hopes, and as such ,
Chance, someone whom can reach out with the right touch,

Happiness can come from not just the beautiful skies,
But has been known to arrive from unexpected surprises,

True it is, that always ‘is there the possibility of a new broken tear,
Just as much choice, for the heart again to become blissfully ensnared!

© Rory Matier 2018


4 thoughts on “Broken Tear

  1. Absolutely beautiful poem. Yes loving is a risk that can result in a broken heart. But what is life without a few risks.

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