The One Long Day


The One Long Day


One day,

Not today,

Nor tomorrow,

But soon,


Our battle scarred earth will lay barren beneath the moon,


We have done nothing but take,

From nature,

Rape and pillage our lands,

In the name sake of progression,


Laying waste to once beautiful lands with daily aggressions,


She has been tolerant of our ways,

Of the greed of so called mankind,

With their needs and desires,

To alight everything before them ablaze,

Destroying what has stood the test of time …


Already we have seen her wrath expressed,

Her angers boiling over,

Volcanically enterprising thoughts impressed,

Upon us,


Yet still we push, wreaking catastrophic damages, like a bursting abscess,


In all of the years, not once has man learned,

To give back, to not be so draining on our resource,

No, still we lay bare everything before us, with force,

Rampaging relentlessly with no remorse,


But soon it will be she who strikes us down,

Not man made wars, chemical infestations,

Deforestation, over suburbanisation, increasing populations,

No, it will rise from the very core,

From beneath our feet,

For she will awaken the beasts of old,

Those that man has become used to living with,

Those dormant horrors from before modern man stepped upon ground,

She will starve us and strangle our holds on earth,

Doing so with an emotional and yet natural conviction,

Mother Nature will be the reason behind our final extinction!


One day,

Not today,

Nor tomorrow,

But soon,


Our battle scarred earth will lay barren beneath the moon,

Upon us, the one long day.

© Rory Matier 2019

19 thoughts on “The One Long Day

  1. I have been thinking the same. All our wars over religion and politics and imaginary lines dividing this country from that one… pffft. All gone! Either massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like… or some sweeping plague. Or both!

    1. Exactly, we have seen Mother Nature fighting back already, in the last ten years alone the natural resources of this planet are fast being stripped, we will have immunisation against the full attack, and we ultimately will be to blame.

      We can’t keep taking, but we do.

  2. Wow. This is intense. I have had this conversation with my family. I have been trying to instill on those I see that we need to stop doing so much harm. We need to work together to right our wrongs. Go back to using less resources. Live life simply. I wonder what would happen if Mother Nature did start fighting back. What would everyone do then?

    1. Hey Ashley, l think Mother Nature is already starting to, she is certainly showing us what she capable of. Storms in the last ten years have significantly gotten worse in certain countries.

      People sneered at global warming, and yet climate change and climate downgrade is the result. Governments have been making climate promises for years and still nothing concrete is delivered, how will people react?

      Like they always do Ashley, with a sneer until it’s too late to stop.

      1. Unfortunately that is the mind set. One day Mother Nature and will take her rein. There will be no way to save ourselves. She will fight back.

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