Zoo Berlin – New York Family Adventures

Emily pens another well laid out, informative and wonderfully presented post on her travels with her family again, this time they are visiting Zoo Berlin – check it out!

Zoo Berlin

5 thoughts on “Zoo Berlin – New York Family Adventures

  1. I have mixed feelings about zoos. More and more are moving into conservation and education and I love that a lot of them only have captive bred animals. Plus their breeding programs are helping correct some of the damage we humans have done.

    Growing up in the San Diego area I’ve been spoiled by having Safari Park (formally Wild Animal Park) close by. They have acres and acres set aside for the animals to roam free. There’s an electric tram that can be ridden around the periphery to observe the animals.

  2. Thank you for the post! Zoos are evolving and can be a wonderful learning experience. Several larger zoos like Zoo Berlin are involved with breeding and releasing some animals to boost them out of endangered status and repopulate the world. Unfortunately, that can’t be done for all species. There are some animals that are only saved by extinction (for the short term) by living in zoos. Sad to think how much we have destroyed the beauty of the planet.

    1. Hey Emily, never a problem – and l totally agree, as said l used to work with a lot of zoos and Teirparks , game parks and the such like specifically in many cases for conservation programmes 🙂

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