United We Stand, Divided We Fall!


United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

Our new political stance,
Sadly will throw some into a trance,
We plan to attack from A – Z,
Guaranteeing not everyone will be ‘happy’

But this is our new aggressive policy,
So in some respects we don’t care, you see,
There is so very much wrong at present,
Meaning the country, is in discontent,

And we cannot let some issues go,
So our task is to inform others into the know,
That this countries administration,
With its’ failing and flawed legislation,

Is NOT protecting those which it should,
But is allowing the development of the misunderstood,
What’s the point of letting things wither?
With politicians who are always in a dither!

So we have to become more politically clerical,
To stop the anti’s from thinking we are hysterical!
Meaning we must attack those at fault,
Or the passionate could end up in a vault!

I know so many don’t give a hoot,
But time has come to care or get the boot!
We have to be seen to be mean and nasty,
On the guilty, trying to pull a fast’y ,

For it’s the victims that are losing out,
So we must yell and shout,
It’s only fair for us to do so,
Or those whom oppose us, will call us slow,

We are not looking to specifically crusade,
But those under our gaze, need to be afraid,
For enough is enough,
We need to be tough!

Again the call for ‘united we stand!’
All of us should agree hand in hand,
That this could affect us all,
For if divided, we can only fall!

© Rory Matier 2018

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