The Positivity Check Daily Check In!

Right now, as it stands, or as you sit looking at your device that you use in WordPress to read the posts how positive are you?

Out of 100% right now?

Describe what percentage you believe you are in the positivity scale of 1 – 100% and tell me why you feel the way you do, right now.

Let me know below in the comments section, thanks.


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39 thoughts on “The Positivity Check Daily Check In!

      1. Well the – 5% is because Dad is in hospital. But I have faith that he’s going to be just fine x

  1. I’d say my general is 90%….this morning I’m at 75% because I’m simply exhausted from lack of sleep. The grumpy monster in my head is trying to tip the scales in its favor but grumpiness just makes things worse.

    1. 90% is an excellent figures considering your lack of sleep at times Grandma :0

      I had the grumpy monster with me last night and for 30 minutes this morning, but l had to kick its ass this morning and Suze kicked its ass last night 🙂

      1. Hurray for kicking grumpy monster booty!
        I just dont like being around myself when I’m grumpy or angry. It’s like wearing too tight clothes that are itchy. I work at maintaining a positive attitude. Look for the good side, be silly to make myself laugh.
        Positivity takes concious effort until its habit. Then it takes some effort to maintain.

  2. We live in such an uncertain world Rory, but my faith is strong. That is how I manage to remain mostly positive. I’d guess I am about 85 to 90% positive. I hope you have a great day.

  3. 50%

    Not sure I believe these others, but okay. Fifty is actually high for me. It would have been lower except my first audiobook FINALLY got approved so I’m less unhappy than usual. Dunno how people can be in the 90s with the world the way it is…

    1. Hey Paula, well 50% is not a bad honest figure at all – you sit right on the neutral level – here’wishing you a truly beautiful Thursday and let’s hope you can spin a few more % into the Neutral Plus zones.

      I see Gatsby has posted so l must attend to that this afternoon, and l note here your first audiobook has been approved, l would say that’s worth you to be in a position of at least 60% at least if not %70? That’s bloody terrific and awesome news 🙂

      Woot woot, gratz to you!

  4. I try to be 50% as standard..leaving the other 50% for the very unforeseen “unknown” that happens a lot here. Even if I’m in the high 70’s or 80’s,I’ll still stick to 50 – the safe number 🙂

  5. Good Morning, Rory! I would have to say my positivity scale in at 80% this morning. (That’s not counting the humidity). LOL!
    I did wake up in a fairly good mood, I meditated for 20 minutes, I’ve been reading some great blogs, I’ve been saving prompts for a future project, and I’ve been getting great responses to this week #11 of “Working on Us” – I adore pictures of pets!!! It’s really put me in a great mood.
    Happy Friday Eve To YOU!🤗

  6. It depends upon what I’ve read in the paper or on my newsfeed or seen on the news. First thing this morning I read Trump’s tweet about the two Muslim congresswomen and I can positively say that I’m 100% positive I hate that moron.

    1. You had a great Sunday yesterday? Do you mean you had a great Thursday yesterday? OR was the day so brilliant, you have only just woken up from it and now today is Friday and you are feeling 80% terrific 🙂

      Either way 80% is an awesome positive figure 🙂

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