Dear Blog – 17.55 – 17/08/19


Not all Designs on you Look Pretty!

All this week l have been configuring time schedules, and they are going pretty well, l have closely watched how traffic rolls around my blog 24 hours a day and l have tweaked and watched and twiddled with and observed and slowly but surely l have come to a firmer conclusion that l do indeed have the right schedule to kick into action from next Monday.

I was writing a response to Angie of King Ben’s Grandma earlier this week about how everything is connected with the blog in so far as future business and that l needed roughly 14 -15 hours a day to achieve this, with a view to stabilising on 12 hours a day somewhere in the future of 2020, so in essence wotking 90 hours a week and then moving down to 60 hours a week, when something happened today that suggested otherwise as well as delivering a blunt epiphany about how l was going to start forwards from next week.

It’s funny how sometimes epiphanies arrive on your doorstep you know?

After writing my response to Angie l happened to give the whole subject a lot of thought and figured on these facts – that l am 56, not old by any standards of the game, but l have never been 56 before so l have no landmarks and also that l am no longer the vibrant 26 year old l used to be, hell l was more energetic at 50 than l am today. We all naturally slow down.I just needed to remember this.

But the epiphany arrived when Suze and l were securing the wall scheduler to the wall in my office and once it was done. I proceeded to get on with my Saturday.

A loud bang behind me alerted me to the fact that the wall scheduler was not happy where it was and it came crashing down, and if not for my panther like reflexes would have thwonked a sleeping Scrappy Doodlepip on the head in her bed – something she most assuredly doesn’t need at any time of the day.

l thought to myself ,”Oh right, we either haven’t really secured you all that well, or you’re telling me l am being a muppet with my thoughts of time?” Either way works in truth. But considering it was secured properly it still decided to fall down – the secret was to double ensure it stayed up – which it has been up on the wall for the last 15 minutes so far, so it is obviously happier!

I figured, well there are only 168 hours in one given 7 day week, and you Muppet Matier are saying that you intend to work 90 hours a week for your blog and business launch and study? That only leaves you 78 hours on the week for sleep, meals and that strange thing called ‘Living Life!?’  So l have seriously altered things to reflect new schedules in my life.

It was the second epiphany that really concreted  the Time thing for me, it had nothing to do with Time either!

The second epiphany was when l opened up my bank account to sort out my finances and l instantly realised there was a majorly serious problem! That l had apparently bought a very glamorous and hugely expensive holiday for one hell of a lot of money!! The problem is, no one told me l had bought said holiday – l mean l didn’t even get an email telling me and more importantly – my bank didn’t tell me either – l had bought it this morning when l was sleeping too!


See, l have two systems set up in my bank to prevent this type of thing from happening, never mind that with regards finances and the such like l am pretty tightly tight like a skin across a drum, so was somewhat baffled as to why 1] the bank had approved this purchase and 2] more importantly Why The Fuck they had not text me with this incredibly large purchase considering my usual expenditures and the saftey limit in place??

Just because you know it wasn’t / isn’t you behind the fraud, it doesn’t stop you in your tracks with almost an instant heart attack moment!

I called the bank and started demanding why things had happened and they had BEST bloody put a stop to this now, and give the Fraud team their dues, they have stopped it and my money will be displaying back in my account on Monday – but it was a ‘stress filled drama’ l really didn’t need for a Saturday, or for that matter any day!’ For most of today l have taken a back seat to doing lots of anything [still recovering from the shock], but it’s taught me a life lesson!

It made me look at my life again, it energised me and boosted me and so l decided that given the wall scheduler and the fraud and the luxurious holiday that l would never spend that kind of money on – what the bloody hell am l doing working 6/7 days a week for, in the blog and the potential businesses?

I will as said write about this soon enough in an episode of The Positive Brain but these two incidents today stopped me in my tracks really abruptly – l need to think way smarter than this and not be Muppet Matier! The end result is l am only going to work 60 hours a week Monday to Friday and take the weekend as Lazy Days, be that taking time out, days off, or just lounging around. In many ways l am glad the scheduler fell of the wall, it’s only gone and fallen off again, [stupid doubled sided gel tape!], and whilst l am NOT happy some bastard tried to get a design on my cash and l which aint pretty, it made me wake up a bit!

So two positives out of two initial negatives!

Now to get the damn hammer and nail this scheduler to the wall!

Dear Blog ……

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23 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 17.55 – 17/08/19

  1. Hammer and nails is great for frustration release, but…ummm…maybe let Suze do it. Save the shoulder, save the thumbs.😘

    Happy you are gaining the wisdom to see the signs grasshopper 🌟

  2. I am very frustrated with WP today. No post uploading, saying, failed. No response from them. Irritated is my feeling atm.

  3. Time is so linear and unforgiving, isn’t it? Exciting things happening here at the blog, Rory!

    And at 56 you are still a baby, a youth!

  4. 🙂 Impressive, Rory.

    There are not many people who will monitor the incoming traffic to their blog twenty-fours a day.

    And, it is nice to know that you have discovered the right schedule; which you plan on putting into action on Monday.

    I must say that you are doing rather well for a fifty-six-year-old blogger.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.

        1. I see what you mean …. l studied the figures in blocks for the last few months to give me a clearer idea of how my blog works. Now l have an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

          But after today and the Bank fiasco, l just sort of thought, mm, why am l doing this? So decided to fall back on an earlier schedule where the weekend would be better served reading other blogs and catching up, and enjoying some time out, otherwise where is the fun is anything 🙂

  5. Having hubs hospitalized two weeks this summer really drove home to me that Yes work is important but if it kills you it wont be so great, well you get what i mean…………best wishes on your planning. I cannt do much til we move back to internet so working on writing (both) of us are as the New therapy, life is too short!!

  6. Like I said, I would have had several heart attacks. It seems to be happening to many people which is scary! Definitely need to have some fun in the process. 😊

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