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What Now?

Yesterday, Renard wrote this How To Write A Blog Post Under Any Circumstance – Renard’s World which is about writing and keeping writing, and staying focused.

It takes a lot to distract me from what l am doing normally,  and more so especially when l am 100% hyperfocused on what l am doing. I can write to loud music, hell l can write poetry for example to loud heavy base beat. I can tolerate small distractions when writing like telephone calls or the doorbell ringing with a delivery, or Scrappy needing to go to the toilet, or if it starts to rain like right now and l have to dash … excuse me ….

… thanks. I had to go and get the washing in from the line, now where were we? Oh yes that’s right.

…or mostly anything small like that.

The one thing that can distract me more than anything when writing and really playing havoc with my creative juices, is when someone is speaking to me directly and expecting or awaiting a response, and l don’t mean on the telephone.

Suze has a habit of disturbing me at times when l am writing. Now l can write all day every day, l don’t have a specific time to create a post, albeit of late, and especially starting from this week, l have been trying to get my main bulk of posts written before 1.00pm everyday.

I usually start writing at around 10 – 11am after l have planned the entire day’s activities and the internal reblogs, responded to overnight comments, post dated the following days first four posts and prepped up the majority of the actual day’s posts for the day l am in, as well as structuring how the courses l am taking need to be addressed for that afternoon. I work through lunch reading course material.

After 1pm, l am dedicating 4 solid hours to online business study, then an hour to merchandising the design collections into new online stores which is more time consuming than many might imagine, and then l usually work until around 7pm with target planning and goal setting, take a couple of hours break to either cook or eat dinner, take some me time, and usually get back to the computer around 9pm to read posts and respond to comments left etc.

So far everyday has been different and l have been pushing myself to my  absolute limits of productivity to finalise what l need for an entire day of production. So far l have worked out that l need to be in front of my screens from around between 7am  – 7pm and then 9pm – 11.30pm or roughly 14-15 hours at this stage of the game, to write, create, post and publish, interact and engage and participate in all of my daily activities. I am currently realising that like today, l could probably rise at 5.30am and start work at around 7am sharp and work through till around 7pm as a one 12 hour block of time.

I mean that would be my ideal main block of day 12 hours mostly undisturbed and if l was to achieve that, l could probably get away with no distractions, meaning that from 9pm – 11.30pm l could easily be disturbed then as l wouldn’t be doing anything so heavy that disturbance was considered to be both a pest and a pain.

But even today is broken with life issues, due to having a physio appointment today at 1.30pm, and a organised call at 12.20pm with the vets regarding Scrappy’s health, all told that will take out of my day approx 3 hours, but these things need to be done because they are more important than anything else.

When Suze works from home on a Friday with her job, l find my entire day is beset with disturbance, my routine is broken. I expect to run on a different schedule come the weekend, but l need a good 60 hours a week at present with very few disturbances as l have deliberately taken on board huge study commitments between now and roughly December with 2 business courses and 11 professional courses which l shall discuss in due course in The Positive Brain series, never mind my personal blogging time and all the series l maintain here and the hobby with the shops.

Now l can cope with all of these things, that’s not the problem. The biggest issue at times is my main distraction … when people speak to me when l am writing creatively. Their words mixing with my thought to penned words cause absolute havoc with my brain!

How about you, what causes you the most distraction when writing and what do you do to prevent these disturbances, or does it not bother you?

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15 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. I am the same way I can write or do whatever I need to do as long as people are not talking to me. The past three weeks they have been working in the office or whatever space it is right on the other side of the door in my office. It has been so loud with saws, hammers, people, radio and everything else. I just keep working writing or making my phone calls.

    Also people being in the room with me bother me. If it is a room of people I can work as long as they are all doing their own thing. But like a few minutes ago when it was just me and the boss here and he was just waiting for the other guy to get here. I can’t work write or make my calls it just feels awkward. I feel I should be busy but I feel like I am being watched or listen to everything I do or say. I know he isn’t and he is just waiting and texting or doing things on his phone not giving me a second thought. I am that way if anyone is in the room I know it is me.

    1. Yes l can understand that, it’s the other person’s words in my head that drives me nuts ha ha – thanks for commenting – enjoy your day 🙂

  2. BEN!
    There’s my biggest distraction. I have to close down WordPress completely when he decides he needs my attention. He asks me to do something, then three minutes later its something else. Once or twice, I could continue on but he throws my concentration completely for a loop. So, rather than get upset (stay back grumpy monster) I just shut down WP and come back later.

    I can ignore all the noise he needs as a sensory seeker, I can even ignore the “bedquake” from him and Zeus running in and out of my room and jumping on the bed. Just not the arm smacking (he thinks he’s tapping and doesnt realize his strength) and the “Grandma, I need help”

    Once the business is up and running do you think you’ll need to put the same kind of time into running it day to day?

    1. Reminds me of the MJ song Ben 🙂 The way you say it.

      Probably not the full 14-15 – the thing is, there are actually 1 -2 main businesses being worked on plus 1 hobby with the shops and the blogging which is my main balancing trick – so l would be aiming for around 12 hours and then work towards stabilisation at or around 8, which would be going right about 12 – 24 months from the start of 2020.

      Everyhting is connected in one way or another which is what l like, so l tend to try and turn hobbies into businesses, therefore l am never not liking what l am doing.

      The blog will be the PRIME Centre which is connected to the Secondary business which is loosely connected to the Prime business which is connected to all the other tertiary connections if that makes sense.

      1. It does make sense. Approximately the same number of hours, just focused slightly differently. Everything is intermingled so no matter how much time, its spent on everything.

        1. That’s precisely it the blog is literally the stabilising unit to two businesses and the hobby. Now the blogging isn’t so much a hobby per se, it’s more important than that it’s my community so socialising and providing good mental health. The designs in the shops are more like a hobby that might make some pocket money, but they can support the two main businesses as well.

          New features l have coming out in the next ten months or so like the vlogging and the podcasting are also all connected to the four units – each provides more mental stability and challenge as well taking me cautiously and stagedly out of comfort zones and so provides more learning and more improved mental health 🙂

          I am looking forwards to the two business ventures and one is in a round about way is reawakening a younger me – no, l am not being an escort again ha ha or working with animals that like breaking my bones 🙂 It will really test my mettle, but y’ll read about it soon 🙂

          Because there is a goodly chance many of you might become guinea pigs to testings mawahahaha!

  3. How about you, what causes you the most distraction when writing and what do you do to prevent these disturbances, or does it not bother you? My distractions from blogging include:
    The boys. They are the primary distraction to my writing. Hunydog had the title until she passed away. Usually their distractions are for good reason though…I’ve been at the computer for too long and it’s clearly time for a potty break or they want some attention (which they deserve) or a leaf or bird flew past the window and they feel it’s their duty to tell me about it and warn me of DANGER! Heh

    Those idiots with the big truck yard behind me. Those twits sometimes bang metal together continuously for so long that it’s impossible to concentrate at all. Sometimes it’s impossible to even hear.

    The phone. I get a surprising number of phone calls sometimes – trying to sell me something for the most part. Something I don’t want and don’t need. Nuisance is the category for that distraction.

    1. Yes l can understand all too well. Scrappy when she was not sleeping all day did her K9 duty to inform me l had been sat at the computer for too long, they are an absolutely blessing for rigidity in time management 🙂

      The noise behind you l can also well understand causing serious distraction Melanie, it’s enough to make you go insane l should imagine.

      Nuisance distraction is also a big pain for many people.

      Apart from that, how is your Thursday ? 🙂

  4. Damn, Rory! You are so organized! I’m highly impressed. I on the other hand, am slower than a snail most of the time… Especially, if I have thoughts racing around in my head. Concentration is not my strong suite. (Well, not everyday) but on occasion my mind wanders away briefly. LOL!
    Great post!!

  5. You can cope with all of these things without problem 🙂 You are too good Rory!
    I am easily distracted by anything unfortunately but what I’ve noticed nowadays is that when I’m writing and someone is talking with me, I don’t understand what they are saying…I mean, I hear them talk but I have no idea what they say :)…as I am concentrating on my writings 🙂

    1. Morning Ribana, ha ha – l know exactly what you mean – Suze will talk to me, and yes l can hear her but then a silence will occur, as she has stopped speaking, l then stop look up and see her looking at me? I ask what ‘s up? She says “I was talking to you, and you were nodding and saying yes, l asked you a question and l am waiting for your answer?”

      I am at that point like, ‘erm, ah, mm, what were we talking about again?’

      So yes Ribana, l can relate 🙂

  6. Well… I have two paying jobs, so those come first. Then unfortunately people as in relationships lol, like family and friends. I bitch about em but I love em. After that I blog and write. I have a lot of projects planned out, probably most of which won’t get finished until post-retirement at this rate! But that’s okay 🙂

    The only thing lately that keeps me from writing is extra severe pain. Usually my environment is alright or I can find one that is.

    1. Hahahahappy Friday to you Paula 🙂

      Yes, pain is the biggest distraction of all, l totally agree to that. Working two jobs will always be troublesome but essential in order to keep the important things in life over your head, in your stomach and debtors away from the door … no problem, once you are rich and famous you’ll not have to worry – you could of course Stud out Gatsby 🙂

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