Doodlepip’s Interviews!!

Doodlepip’s Interviews Starting Again Soon

Hey All ….

Our last interview was the fantastic Doodlepip’s Interviews – Misha Hhrrru? 82 towards the end of June this year, and they stopped for a while. I had things to attend to in my life, you know the story – literally l should imagine.  I combined all our pet interviews together which means that l now have one interview form for K9’s, F9’s [that Cats to the unknowing] and all other companion pets.

Now these will be returning some time later this month, or rather as soon as l receive my first enquiry, so are you next on the list to be interviewed? If you should like to be and can either get to a device that can receive my interview form or, yes or able to twist the arms of your own 2 legged companions to allow me to email them my questionnaire then l would simply love to hear from you.

You can email me direct at titling it with l Would Love to be Interviewed Doodlepip and l will return my questionnaire to you. Don’t forget to attach clickitty’s with the completed form though, so we’ll know what you look like.

Should you wish to up your confidence level a bit, please do feel free to check out my Doodlepip’s Interviews Directory so you can see just how many companions have already taken the plunge!

Looking forwards to hearing from you.

Scrappy Doodlepip.


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    1. Thanks Emily, it’s nice, Lisa managed to design it so that we could replace the silhouette l was using or eherm, Scrappy was using and show this more and thus help create the Legacy side to the interviews 🙂

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