The Hidden Deep Keepers!

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The Hidden Deepers Keep!

When you close your eyes at night
Your mind is no longer your own,
It escapes into the depths of no light,
And visits places you wouldn’t when alone,
There is always a darkness,
The one that doesn’t even need to be dark,
To infest, seduce and molest,
Your mind when it’s quiet and without the spark,

It’s the lingering’s of darkness from old,
Traces of the pain and hurting of afore,
Founded, floundering deep, suddenly viciously bold
Macabrely disgusting and sinking into pores,
The insidiousness, the intrusions, the invasion of your brain,
Night dwellers pulling from within,
Grunge trickling deep, desperate to stain,
A helpless soul, fighting off those eager to get in,
So as to bludgeon, batter and maim,
Your hidden sins, desires, regrets and those forgotten,
Discarded memories, those that haunt you,
To terrify and frighten,
Chase down screaming with blades ready to cut you through!

Seemingly like forever and yet only seconds in truth,
The darkness pours from wounds within the open mind,
Without hesitation and manners of the uncouth,
Stomping, heavy footed on the battered and resigned,
Then when everything is thought to be lost,
You awaken bathed in a cold sad sweat, crying out aloud,
Broken, bruised and tossed, bossed and exhausted,

With a mind, weary, beleaguered and ploughed,
By those that remain hidden during the daylight hours,
Just mere whispers of the yesterday’s of your life,
The troubled spots you daren’t talk to and admit are yours,
Knowing them only as the hidden deep keepers of psychotic disguise!

© Rory Matier 2018


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